There are nightclubs and then there’s Berghain.  Berlin’s mighty techno-palace has built a fearsome reputation over the years leading up to, this month, its 10th birthday.  With peerless reputation has come immeasurable impact around the world, both musically and culturally-speaking.  Berghain is a dancefloor that has fundamentally changed the rules.

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Books on experimental music / Musique Concrète

Experimental Music: Cage and Beyond (Music in the Twentieth Century) 2nd Edition

Modern Music and After 3rd Edition

Almost Nothing with Luc Ferrari (Critical Ear) Hardcover – March 31, 2013

Electronic Music and Musique Concrete Paperback – November 17, 2013

In Search of a Concrete Music Hardcover – November 26, 2012

Fred judd, pioneer of audio visualization and electronic music  / Electronic music and musique concrète. London : N. Spearman, 1961.   



Record Sounds, USB Mics and Experimental Music Books

Top 9 usb mics:

Samson go mic, cheap good usb mic.

Bluemic Yeti Pro

Yeti mic Works great! You just need a powered OTG cable and a USB battery pack.


External mics for android.

Or for ios


Usb Audiorecorder Pro


Usb mic se2200a

Steinberg UR22 2-Channel USB 2.0 Audio/MIDI Interface

Tascam DR MK2

Sonic visualizer. I want to know what the frequencies of my sound are :

Atari Punk Console “APC 2600” – Circuit Bent Analog Synth w/ Theremin Control !!


Laurent Garnier – Electrochoc

Laurent Garnier
David Brun-Lambert
Special edition £30.00 GBP £25.00 GBP
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World-famous French DJ Laurent Garnier is also an award-winning recording artist, label owner and author of ELECTROCHOC, a best seller in France, Spain, Russia, Germany and Japan.Available for the first time in the English language, Garnier’s ELECTROCHOC traces the rise of the dance scene from the early 1980s at London’s Mud Club, through Manchester’s Hacienda and onto Paris, Detroit, New York, Chicago and beyond. More than just an autobiography, ELECTROCHOC includes unique contributions from Detroit techno pioneers Jeff Mills and Mad Mike, plus François Kervorkian, James Murphy, David Guetta and others to complement Laurent’s personal tale of music, life and love.ELECTROCHOC takes a worldwide journey through the legendary clubs and key moments of dance music history, describing how techno, house, garage, booty-house and electronica collided over a thirty-year period. Here is the full story of how Laurent progressed from spinning records to creating award-winning recordings, building a seminal label and performing at some of the world’s most prestigious venues.ELECTROCHOC is arguably the only history of the dance scene written from the perspective of a man who helped to shape the movement, its sounds and lasting legacy.

Hardback ISBN
304 pages

Korg Kaossilator Pro+

The Kaossilator series was the forerunner of unique instruments that made it easy for anyone to play musical melodies and phrases. The KAOSSILATOR PRO, which appeared in 2010, was an updated model featuring a rich variety of sounds and loop recording functionality that made it not merely a live performance instrument, but also a track-making tool.
2013 brings us to the upgraded KAOSSILATOR PRO+. With additional new sound programs and drum sounds KAOSSILATOR PRO+ has been supercharged to offer even more variety and exploration. A synthesizer that lets you perform and create multi-layered music in any style with just the touch of a finger.

  • Freely playable synthesizer; simply touch the touchpad to play notes and manipulate sounds in real time
  • A total of 250 sound programs (including drum programs) cover a wide range of styles, including 62 new programs
  • Loop Recording function allows intuitive performance and recording, and 4 infinitely stackable loop banks are available
  • Numerous functions for unlimited performance possibilities
    – Scale/Key settings make it easy for anyone to perform with no wrong notes
    – Note Range function lets you specify the horizontal pitch range of the touchpad
    – Gate Arpeggiator function allows you to easily control phrases with the slider
    – Pad LEDs ensure excellent visibility even in the dark
  • Highly expandable
    -USB MIDI allows use as a powerful MIDI controller
    -Store recorded loop data and even externally made. WAV files on an SD/SDHC card
    -Dedicated editor software for centralized management of sample data and settings

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