The universal religion of the world

The writer Richard Cassaro ( was right in identifying the rockefeller building with his cathedral tryptich doors, as a direct influence from churches and other cultures and its clear masonic influence and meaning as he apparently pointed out in his book, “Written in stone”, (which to date I haven’t read).

From his webpage and his online collage images can be seen that he has made clear visual links between ancient cultures and modern Christianity and Freemasonry. It were the freemasons who build the churches for the Christian church, clearly incorporating symbolism and older ancient knowledge in symbolic representations in those structures.

In this modern age, the mega churches stadiums are nothing compared to the cathedrals of europe and a diluted , bastardized version of “faith”.

Falsely represented fairytales of what once was real knowledge of time astronomy itself by priests (magi) who took this knowledge and sold the story of god to the people for power and control and deceived mankind as such. Today this is seen in the materialistic wealth of the megachurches pastors, which is far from the poor jezus who gave itself for humanity. Abuse of donations for personal gain.

The cross layout of the churches is astronomy representing the ecliptic path of the sun and its symbolical death every winter and its resurrection in easter.

When making the rockefeller connection to this ancient symbolism, Richard forgot to look at the top of the Rockefeller building where his so called “god self icon” or “staf god”  as outlined in his second eBook “The missing link” is also clearly visible. Although not know to him, this does proof his initial identifications of global similarities as now two images are seen in tandem in 1 building. Just as the freemasons lodge has the 3 chairs and the 2 pillars opposite of each other.

His theory, is that he links this “staff god” to the Yoga nadis and kundalini third eye awakening. Further also pointing out third eye symbolism in the America’s.

Although this might be a possibility,  I suspect a dual meaning of symbolism (as above as below, the micro and macro cosmos) as seen also in the jewish Kaballa, this has a clear astronomical and time/seasons meaning to it.

The rockefeller skyscraper is “the modern pyramid”, a representation of the milkyway.
The priest on top of the temple changed for the rich and the executives of the world in their penthouses.

It is no coincidence that Prometheus is seen in front of the rockefeller building with a band of constellations. Prometheus is the later Hercules, but also Osiris, the green man, the maize god and many others. He is the constellation of Orion, the 3 (!)belt stars. Why? Because he was the spring constellation back in the day together with Taurus, while LEO and virgo ruled mid summer. In our age, Taurus rules mid summer and aquarius is present in spring, in the northern hemisphere that is, it was Ophiucius who rules spring in the southern hemisphere. Ophiucius used to carry two snakes, caleb and kaput and this is where I don’t agree with Richard Cassaro.

Ophiucus is 180 degree of Orion. Just like prometheus is seen here on the opposite side of the building. (up down). The skyscraper is effectively the milkyway, the universe, carrying its fruits.

To me ophiucius is this is the origin of the “staf god” not a god self icon. (Another possibility is that the staf god is god/the universe itself, the tree of life.) Its the same figure as Samson in the bible who “pulled down the pillars of the temple” just symbolic for the changing of the constellations in the sky. (The twintowers where also two pillars which transformed into 1 building sorting the Jewish star of two inverted triangles)

Below we see how the same symbolism was used her on election of the new pope. The triptych chairs, the god and the tree with its branches.

Pope Francis I is flanked by cardinals and Swiss Guards as he sits under a wooden sculpture in the Paul VI general audience hall during an audience for members of the media, at the Vatican March 16, 2013. REUTERS/Paul Hanna (VATICAN – Tags: RELIGION)

The masonic lodge as a miniature “solomons temple”.

Image result for freemason chair

A classic lodge, two pillars, 3 chairs. This specific symbolism of meaningfull lodge layout is dwindling, just like now any building is used as a “church” (and missing the cross layout, the tryptich and two towers as Boaz and Jachin pillars)  and if not for this book, being lost in time. Not any place can be a church or lodge. Clear symbolism and rules for its construction needs to be adhered to to convey and carry on the message.

There was a reason for the specific church and lodge layouts and Leonardo da vinci’s composition of the last supper, in my opinion this was because of astronomy.

I even dare to say that like the church, not many modern masons know why they do the 33 degrees, (the sun has a 33 year solar cycle.) or why they circumbate the lodge. They merely focus on executing the rituals whilst its meaning have been lost in time. One see an erosion of knowledge happening to the true meaning of cross layout churches. and the specific layout of lodges and such temples and its origins in the astronomical meanings of such buildings.

11 apostels and Maria. (because she is the only virgo/female in our zodiac) The original EVE while Adam was Orion. The tree of life in the garden of eden is related to the cosmological world tree.

Them “eating from the tree” deceived by the snake hydra, caused the skies to move in the seasons and show less stars (a certain section of the sky has less stars whilst turning) This was then related to the winter season and “god” banishing them from the lush green of spring and summer.

The 4 main apostels and their animals are the specific 4 corners of the zodiac. (the eagle is scorpio/aquila, the eagle of Zeus, the staff stormgod ophiucius carrying its two thunderbolts, or as in the old days two snakes, caleb and kaput)

As a bottom (or top) of the constellation circle, orion on the other side, he is realy “carrying” or just the two sides of the zodiac (milky way) as represented by the two snakes crawling down from pyramids as well.

Its note worthy that in ancient days, the universe was “the great mother” before it became “god our father”. Hence we see the minoan snake godess as the universe. Note the bar breast as isis. The change of society from matriarchal to patriarchal dominated created a shift in the naming the universe or god male from an earlier female universal womb.

She was the virgin and the gorgon who “gave birth” to life and creation without conception.

But she was also the gorgon, the monster (with the snake hair) who takes life when creation dies of.

So people went to church, to the cross for the holy union between man and women and to celebrate new life and mourn the death.

Was the staff gods or main god, merely a far simpeler less deep meaning and a relation to the stormy season and the constellation ophiucius, his eagle next to him aquila, revered as the god of rains (chaac), the return of the fertility of the land.

All these storm gods symbolic battled serpents, Hydra or Draco. So the storm god with his two lightning bolts serpents battling the monster later became Ophucius battling one serpent in the sky, just like the myths.

So many cultures had a storm god as their main god (Indra, Marduk, Zeus, Thor, Viracocha etc) as outlined in my Makara paper that that has an astronomical reference.

Krishna overcomes Kaliya

Vishnu vs seshet
Indra Vrtra
Tarhunt and the dragon Illuyanka
George and the dragon
Ba`al and Yam
Apep vs Ra  Egypt
Set vs Osiris  Egypt
Sobek vs Horus  Egypt (Horus under the form of a horseman piercing a croco-
dile with his spear.)
Typhon vs Zeus  Greek
Jörmungandr’s vs Thor  Nors
Tiamat vs Marduk or Bel  Sumerian
Typhon vs Zeus  Greek
Indra vs Vritra  Indian
Têmtum vs Hadad  Syria
Lôtān vs Baʿal  Canaanite
Levithian vs Jaweh  Hebrew
Hydra vs Hercules  Greek
Dragon vs St. George  Europe
Imdugud vs Ninurta  Sumeria
Illuyanka vs Tarhunt  Hittite

The Nazi’s, highly occultly schooled, took the symbol of the eagle (Horus), the swastika (revolving universe) and the double lightning bolt (zeus storm bolts) for their SS.

These lightning bolts weapons turned into the Dorjes of eastern Budhism. Note specifically how this sumerian version, has two front legs, Just like the Indian and Sumerian Makara as pointed out in my research paper.

The snake later turned into a dragon/lion composite animals purely because leo is above Hydra. (water)

Jaweh battled the serpent, the later devil.

This turned into the St. george and the dragon symbolism.

As outlined in my Makara research paper, the symbolism of Horus-Sobek as opposites in the zodiac, transformed into the St. george and the dragon stories.

One of the two pillars (!)  carrying St. George,entering  Piazza San Marco in venice.

For that symbolism I would refer you to my Makara research:

Hercules/orion/prometheus was the model of the torchbearer the collusus of rhodes. The torchbearer gets explained here:

The olympics, the torch bearer, the kurds celebrating newros, all comes from this. Even the collosus of rhodes and statue of liberty is related although the statue of liberty might be Virgo with her weatstalk touching the ecliptic becoming a torch.

The light and darkness, the sun and the moon and the central equilibrium or sunrise and dawn, which in our seasons is spring and autumn, and equal division of the day in light and darkness. Balance. In modern culture movies like starwars, the balance of “the force”. The ying and yang in other cultures.

Yet what is the real teaching is that man IS god and not seperated from it. We are not separate from the universe, yet a part of it as creator and created in 1.

No man better than any other yet all part of creation/preservation/destruction itself. The 3 yunas, of 3 representations of gods in Hinduism.

The sun king or ruler as representation of god himself on earth.

Image result for kabbalah man

This particular symbolism is very old indeed and goes back all the way to ancient Egypt from where it transvered the world in the form of the world tree or tree of life, equating creation and fertility of the lands with a tree and its fruits. The Milkyway with its stars as fruits and the polestar in top as highest most northern point of direction in the sky.

The Christmas tree.

The christmass tree is a direct link to the tree of life, a representation of the milkyway, with the polestar on top, but, also has links to kabalistic meanings and the chakras in other cultures. Enlightenment to be obtained via specific Yogic practices.

Image result for kabbalah man


Image result for kabbalah man

Thus time is the revolving sky of consteallations and the ever changing and continuous cycle of Birth and Death of nature and the universe around us.

The concept of time and god is identified as the universal force that keeps recreating itself and also “eats its own children” depicted as a monster in mayan art, hindu temples, a dragon that devours its own tail, kronos that east its own children(creation) time itself.

This astronomy was captured in temple buildings and later masonic halls, where the master of the lodge occupied the central chair. (or central door) the door of the sun itself on equinox.  Mason circumbating the lodge, as the sun themselves through the seasons. The blazing star the polestar.

It has allways been a duality of opposites. The constellation ophiucius, which in ancient days held two snakes, just like viracocha and the constellation of orion, the 3 belt stars, which symbolized the spring equinox. Hercules with his club is promotheus with his torch as the sun passes on its tip on the ecliptic making it a torch, stealing “the light/fire” from the gods.

The pillars of freemasonry, the church towers, are a direct link to the temple architecture of ancient and later Egypt, for example seen in the temple of dendur in the metropolitan museum of art in New York.

And ofcourse the later cathedrals.

On some cathedals and churches, one can clearly see the massive rosette  window in the middle.

Here a difference is made in the towers, a male female force, moon, sun tower.



And in some cathedrals Maria is the central figure with jezus.

The fact that marriage, birth and death was “celebrated” in church, is a further confirmation of it being a symbol of life and the universe itself. Jezus path passed the 12 apostels is a direct link to the path of the sun in the sky through the year.

So the church rebuild the astronomical religion of the ancient cultures, like Egypt and mythraism and moulded that into christianity. That was direct plagiarism of older concepts and allegories, they just changed the figures names. The christian church from Isis and Horus. (Josef/Maria-Jezus = Osiris/Isis-Horus). In ancient days the great mother was worshipped, the universe. The sun is “her son”

Horus the hawk god. Isis side of the pillars, Osiris the other, child,  The holy trinity.

Image result for isis horus

The rosette (rose)

Of isis or seen on sumerian wrist, the fertility of the land or the great mother.

Rose window

The rose window with the 12 apostels or 12 constellations.

The path of the sun is the ecliptic. That is represented by the horizontal cross bar of the church. Jezus, the sun, dies every year and gets resurected, after being put “into a cave” The area below the horizon.

So, the basis of the christian church is a solar religion, where time itself, the universe or creation itself is worshipped in an allegorical matter taken from many ancient cultures before them.

Thats why the Mayas thought their gods returned as they carried the same “cross” symbolism as seen in the temple of the cross in palenque. Yet their knowledge came from the west, not the east as seen in the makkara symbolism highlighted in my other research.

Isis breast, her nipple in a rose, the “lady of the rose” Sounds familiar?

Look closeley on the rockefeller buildings top and also there we find this symbol of the “fertility rose” related to the sun itself on equinoxes.


Now these towers and the old symbolism of the two mountains wih the sun in the middle is very old and is in my opinion related to this below.



Why? This becomes clear in this video. Its related to time itself and the annual path of the sun. (who dies every year on the cross of the ecliptic)

Not only was this the basis for Egyptian temples, christian churches etc. etc. but also for hindu temples where this similar astronomy is clearly depicted. This is the basis for the triptych doors and the god in the middle door symbolism wether its buddha, the sun god viracocha, jesus or other.

We not only see this in egypt but also in Cambodia. (note the 3 tower symbolism like the 3 doors)

The tryptich and the sungod as such can be seen all the way back in gate of the sun in Tiwanaku in viracocha and at the back the 3 doors symbolism. Note also the indentations forming together a triangle.

This further becomes clear at the rear where the tryptich symbolism is clearly visible. This is exactly the same symbolism we find back in the rockefeller building but also in masonic lodges with the 3 chairs and the two pillars on the opposite side.

In a later version in Leonardo da vinci’s painting.

6 apostels on the left side, 6 on the right side (12 constellations and the central universe with the sun (solar) in front wearing the red and the blue garment. (colour symbolism as seen in many flags of US, russiam, netherlands, france etc etc)

There is no difference to the gate of the sun and this painting.

So one can see this astronomical “religion” has travelled the world under different names. The hindu temples of the east are no different to the european cathedrals, egyptian temples or the jewish temple of king solomon in symbolism and meaning.

The message and concept of god, the universe as creator, preserver and destroyer just expressed in a different way and if by that, we are all talking about the same, creation itself, why should one fight one other to make their religion the main religion?

One should perhaps strive to unify these beliefs into a new “religion” and educate the world on the origins and true meanings of these cultural expressions of pyramids, temples and churches, as all of these are based on this knowledge of astronomy and time itself yet sold to the people in vague veiled stories only top be understood by a select few at this stage.


The Tree of Life

Pillar, Tree of life, the Great godess, (snake)Godess holding snakes flanked by lions = Universe.
Cypriot cornelian scarab seal with two lions before the Sumerian sacred tree under the winged sun disc. The British Museum.

The jewish menora is the “tree of life” symbol.

SUMERIAN Anonymous (3500 BCE – 2000 BCE); Tree of life with goats.; c. 3000 BCE; Sculpture; Earthenware; Chicago. Oriental Institute Museum.
3,000 BCE Sumerian Stamp Seal with Impression Tree of Life with Rampant Goats. Earthenware.
Zeus, Perseus, Persephone deyus
Sky father / Earth Mother
The PERSians definately have something to do with it. I made the following relations the other day. PERSeus (son of Zeus) the legendary founder of Mycenea and PERSephone(daughter of Zeus). PERSeus mother was DANae. It might have been a marriage between the tribe of DAN and the Persians that founded mycenean civilization.

Assyrian conquest and demise

As part of the Kingdom of Israel, the territory of Dan was conquered by the Assyrians, and exiled; the manner of their exile led to their further history being lost.

AN ART NOUVEAU ROYAL DUX BISQUE PORCELAIN FIGURE modelled as a naked maiden standing on the back of a tortoise, pink patch mark, model 2928, 10″ high There are numerous versions of this same depiction.
Its the goddess or pillar (milkyway) on the back of the turtle (earth)
(Depicted in hinduism as the churning of the milky ocean on the back of the turtle.)
Flanked by lions / holding entwined snakes -> male/female -> creation/fertility
This “8,000-year-old frog-like swastika” (as described by original poster on archeology Bulgaria page to which I don’t agree) made of nephrite has been discovered during the latest archaeological excavations of the Slatina Neolithic Settlement in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. Kek — at National Archaeological Museum.
– Its actualy 4 serpents, dragons. Closely related to this 2nd picture from sweden.
Third picture, also from Archeology Bulgaria page, Silver appliqués, composed of a triskele of cat-like creatures around a central bindu/solar symbol, from the Thracian chariot burial at Mezek (Haskovo reg.) in southern Bulgaria
(3rd c. BC)
This “8,000-year-old frog-like swastika” (as described by original poster on archeology Bulgaria page to which I don’t agree) made of nephrite has been discovered during the latest archaeological excavations of the Slatina Neolithic Settlement in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. Kek — at National Archaeological Museum.
– Its actualy 4 serpents, dragons. Closely related to this 2nd picture from sweden.
Third picture, also from Archeology Bulgaria page, Silver appliqués, composed of a triskele of cat-like creatures around a central bindu/solar symbol, from the Thracian chariot burial at Mezek (Haskovo reg.) in southern Bulgaria
(3rd c. BC)
The twirling triskele or swastika is the universe rotating around the polestar. The 3 forces of nature mostly create, preserve and destroy,
The Indus Valley: Mohenjo-daro, Harappa – molded tablet showing a female deity battling two tigers and standing above an elephant. A single Indus script depicting a spoked wheel is above the head of the deity
An archaic Medusa wearing the belt of the intertwined snakes, as depicted on the west pediment of the Artemis Temple in Corfu, exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Corfu


Clear relation to Medusa in South american art –>

The “sunstone” might actualy be a “moonstone” which makes more sense since they had a 13 moon calender and not a sun calender.

Coatlicue (Aztec)
The Great Goddess Coatlicue, mother of all the Aztec deities, had many great temples built in her honor and was revered at altars of volcanic glass. She was the Lady of the Serpent Skirt, living on a high mountain peak over the lost homeland of Aztlan, while her snakes dwelt below in sacred caves. It was Coatlicue who gave all in life and reclaimed all in death. Her necklace of skulls reminded the Aztecs that each must return to her in their time. Someday, all must melt into her lava pools, watching their future lives revealed in mirrors of cool obsidian. (The Aztec Calendar Stone was carved from solidified lava in the late 15th century.)
This goddess of the double snake head had 400 sons whom she set in the sky as stars known as the Centzonhuitznahua, and one daughter, the goddess Coyolxanliqui (little bells).
When Coatlicue was sweeping one day, a tuft of feathers fell on her. Hesitating to interrupt her ritual, she tucked the tuft into her waistband and kept sweeping. However, when in her leisure she tried to examine the feathers, she found that they had vanished, leaving her pregnant. “What have you done?” Coyolxanliqui demanded, indignant at her mother’s apparent sexual transgression. “Affairs at your age? Have you no shame for the family honor, for your adult children! Who is this lover?”
But Coatlicue had no answer.
Infuriated, Coyolxanliqui sought out her 400 brothers, and incited them to matricide. “Her new children will supplant us, her behavior will shame us,” she warned. “This new child will be set above us in the sky. Killing her is our only option.”
Her brothers were persuaded, all except the youngest. He hid away, and
As the other children plotted, he went to warn his mother. For, he reasoned, if the newest had to perish, the second youngest might be threatened as well, as the older siblings claimed all the inheritance.
The children attacked just as their divine mother was giving birth, when she might be at her weakest. However, forewarned, Coatlicue birthed the divine Huitzilopochtli (“He-who-was-born-on-the-shield”), who emerged fully armed and armored “holding a spear and a blue rod, his face painted, his left leg slender and feathered, his arms and thighs painted blue.”1 Only seconds old, he slaughtered all of his brothers who had plotted to kill his divine mother. Stabbing one after the other with his obsidian knife, he finally reached Coy-olxanliqui, and decapitated her.
When Coatlicue witnessed the death of her cherished daughter, she of the golden bells, she was inconsolable. After weeping for many days, she took the shining head of her daughter and set it in the sky, in a place of honor, where it became the moon.2
Here the daughter is attempting destruction of the mother for usurping her position (“I’m supposed to be the fertile one! Why are you sleeping around, bearing children? At your age!”). Coatlicue slays her — not with direct combat, but by the woman’s life-giving power of birthing the hero. Forced to battle her own children, she represents the conflict of the devouring mother.
To complicate the legend even more, for the glorious sun god Huit-zilopochtli to be born, his mother must die. In some legends Coatlicue perishes, while in far more she and her daughter are represented as two sides of the same entity. Destroying her daughter, she divides herself. Here is the truth of the struggle: These two warring goddesses are the same person.
As the patriarchy rejected the Mother Goddess, everything changed. The goddess of all things was demonized, split into sainted virgin and vilified sinner or even death crone. Both lost power, as one was lauded for its weakened state, the other defiled. The Virgin Mary was divine, Mary Magdalene a sinner. Eve was the passive victim, Lilith the vicious child-killer. The Egyptian cat-goddess Bast represented love and fertility, while her lioness counterpart Sekhmet was wrath personified. Persephone was sweet flower maiden, Hecate cackling death-crone. Kali split off from the kindlier Indian goddesses Durga or Parvati as the personification of their wrath. And Coatlicue’s daughter rebelled against her sensual, powerful mother.
The virgin goddesses were thrust up into the heavens, and the death goddesses, down to the underworld. The goddess’s darker aspects became the demonic: Baba Yaga, the Morrigan, Hel, Hecate, Kali, the Furies, Nemesis, Troma, Mara, Morgan le Fay. She became the wicked witch, mistress of dark spells, lurking in shadow. Thus the cycle of life-death-life was shattered, as the patriarchy believed in clinging to light and life rather than succumbing to death. The dark goddess was only seen as bloodthirsty, engulfing all to fuel her hunger.
It was the Dark Moon Crone Goddess who took life back into her womb, but the ancients also understood that a New Moon Virgin Goddess would birth life back out again. The Crone was the death-giver as the Virgin was the birth-bringer. Reincarnation was represented by the refertilization of the Crone who became Virgin. The continual interaction of destruction becoming creation is the eternal dance that maintains the cosmos.3
However, her cycle shattered, leaving only the wicked witch who brought permanent destruction in her wake, the monstrous villainess who must be punished at the story’s end. This schism caused a great fear of death, which was no longer accompanied by resurrection and rebirth.
In this way, the goddess Cihuacoatl personified the Aztec collective hunger for human sacrifice; scholars call her “not so much a woman as the representation of the negative side of the female psyche.”4
Cihuacoatl was depicted with her lower face made only of bone and her jaws wide open waiting for victims. Her hair was long and stringy and a pair of knives formed a diadem on her forehead. She was related to evil omens, was savage, and brought misery to men; for it was she who gave men the digging stick and the tump line. She was a night walker, screaming and weeping copiously, but she was also a warrior; on her back she carried the knife of sacrifice swaddled like a child.5
Cihuacoatl was demonized, rejected, as the powerfully cruel side of woman, frightening to men, and thus undesired in a patriarchal society.
Women experience the shadow sister as Ereshkigal, depression personified; as Medusa, sublimated rage; as Kali in her frenzied dance; as Cam the fairytale Black Bride; as Medea “who destroys relationships, kills her children and says, ‘Let the whole house crash!’”6 Here we see women’s strength, fury, misery, and destructiveness, split off from the anima like Ereshkigal howling in the darkness.
The most powerful and thus frightening aspects of female divinity were relegated to the caves, to the dark corners of the world as chthonic goddesses, contrasted with those ruling from Olympus. “The crucial psychological fact is that all of us, female as well as male, fear the will of woman… the earliest and profoundest prototype of absolute power.”7 This power is too great for adults to struggle against. “To contain it, to keep it under control and harness it to chosen purposes, is a vital need.”8
However, it is an even greater need to seek it to discover it, to learn its vital lessons. Those who suppress their dark side are vulnerable to its impulses and desires, yet unable to accept them. It is the people who do not know enough about their own shadow and their own dark side who are most likely to fall victim to evil influences.9
The woman who fights against her father still has the possibility of leading an instinctive, feminine existence, because she rejects only what is alien to her. But when she fights against the mother she may, at the risk of injury to her instincts, attain to greater consciousness, because in repudiating the mother she repudiates all that is obscure, instinctive, ambiguous, and unconscious in her own nature.10
Thus the young questor descends into darkness, like Inanna, to meet Ereshki-gal and learn her secrets.
The shadow archetype, described by Jung’s philosophy, is the characteristics of ourself we most detest, projected onto another person of the same gender, as “the shadow cast by the conscious mind of the individual contains the hidden, repressed, and unfavorable (or nefarious) aspects of the personality.”11 However, more than simply the inverse of the heroine, this shadow has hidden positive qualities as well, often strong and assertive where the heroine is silent and passive. And as the dark mother or witch-queen is the heroine’s shadow, the daughter also represents the shadow for the mother — her flaws and unfulfilled desires made manifest. In her battle to achieve a higher consciousness, the heroine pits herself against this shadow, and must integrate it into the self.
To Jungian scholars, though the shadow has been buried in the underworld, it has much to offer the questor.
Envy, lust, sensuality, deceit, and all known vices are the negative, “dark” aspect of the unconscious, which can manifest itself in two ways. In the positive sense, it appears as a “spirit of nature,” creatively animating Man, things, and the world…. In the negative sense, the unconscious (that same spirit) manifests itself as a spirit of evil, as a drive to destroy.12
The shadow usually contains values that are needed by consciousness, but that exist in a form that makes it difficult to integrate them into one’s life.”13 These are parts of the self that one has been unwilling to look at too closely, made manifest. Today we have crimes and horrors in the news, in fiction, in movies, which give us a place to invest our dark emotions and act out our fantasies outside ourselves. Other, less healthy, relationships involve projecting these dark emotions onto another person: spouse, parent, or child. Others scapegoat a community or person, heaping on them all the world’s sins. These buried aspects sometimes surface at inopportune times, a slip of the tongue or a moment’s rage which is quickly suppressed and once again buried. But the hero’s deepest quest is to stop projecting onto others and triumph over these buried aspects within the self, valuing the rage and fury that can drive one to the greatest heights.


Aztec  Moon Goddess Coyolxauhqui – Temple Mayor Museum, Mexico City, 1400 A.D. (she is the one on the aztec sunstone!) Related to lava, obsidean altars and the earth. The Aztec Calendar Stone was carved from solidified lava in the late 15th century!!
Daughter of Coatlicue, who in turn is the female aspect of OmeTeotl a dualistic god (sky/earth)
This duality later transpires to sister/brother etc.

Ometeotl is God of…

  • Duality
  • Souls
  • Heaven (Omeyocan, “Place of Duality”)

Equivalents in Other Cultures

Hunab Ku, Itzamna in Mayan mythology

Coyolxauhqui, coatlicues daughter, is the Aztec goddess of the moon and the stars, is usually depicted with bells on her cheeks and surrounded by lunar symbols. According to some scholars, Coyolxauhqui may have represented a much earlier, female fertility cult.
Name and Etymology
“Bells of Gold”
Religion and Culture of Coyolxauhqui
Aztec, Mesoamerica
Symbols, Iconography, and Art of Coyolxauhqui
Coyolxauhqui is depicted with bells on her cheeks and surrounded by lunar symbols.
Although thought of as a young goddess, sometimes her images show her as very old with sagging breasts. A massive statue of her unearthed in 1978 shows her with severed head and hands, just after Huitzilopochtli finished with her.
Both children of coatlicue
Sun and Moon

Huitzilopochtli, also spelled Uitzilopochtli, also called Xiuhpilli (“Turquoise Prince”) and Totec (“Our Lord”), Aztec sun and war god, one of the two principal deities of Aztec religion, often represented in art as either a hummingbird or an eagle.


Huitzilopochtli’s name is a cognate of the Nahuatl words huitzilin, “hummingbird,” and opochtli, “left.” Aztecs believed that dead warriors were reincarnated as hummingbirds and considered the south to be the left side of the world; thus, his name meant the “resuscitated warrior of the south.” His other names included Xiuhpilli (“Turquoise Prince”) and Totec (“Our Lord”). His nagual, or animal disguise, was the eagle.

Huitzilopochtli’s mother, Coatlicue, is one aspect of the Aztecs’ multidimensional earth goddess; she conceived him after having kept in her bosom a ball of hummingbird feathers (i.e., the soul of a warrior) that fell from the sky. According to tradition, Huitzilopochtli was born on Coatepec Mountain, near the city of Tula.

Huitzilopochtli’s brothers, the stars of the southern sky (Centzon Huitznáua, “Four Hundred Southerners”), and his sister Coyolxauhqui, a moon goddess, decided to kill him. He foiled their plot and exterminated them with his weapon, the xiuh cóatl (“turquoise snake”).

Huitzilopochtli is presented as the deity who guided the long migration the Aztecs undertook from Aztlan, their traditional home, to the Valley of Mexico. During the journey his image, in the form of a hummingbird, was carried upon the shoulders of priests, and at night his voice was heard giving orders. Thus, according to Huitzilopochtli’s command, Tenochtitlán, the Aztec capital, was founded in 1325 ce on a small, rocky island in the lake of the Valley of Mexico. The god’s first shrine was built on the spot where priests found an eagle poised upon a rock and devouring a snake, an image so important to Mexican culture that it is portrayed on the national flag of Mexico. Successive Aztec rulers enlarged the shrine until the year Eight Reed (1487), when an impressive temple was dedicated by the emperor Ahuitzotl.

The Aztecs believed that the sun god needed daily nourishment (tlaxcaltiliztli) in the form of human blood and hearts and that they, as “people of the sun,” were required to provide Huitzilopochtli with his sustenance. The sacrificial hearts were offered to the sun quauhtlehuanitl (“eagle who rises”) and burned in the quauhxicalli (“the eagle’s vase”). Warriors who died in battle or as sacrifices to Huitzilopochtli were called quauhteca (“the eagle’s people”). It was believed that after their death the warriors first formed part of the sun’s brilliant retinue; then after four years they went to live forever in the bodies of hummingbirds.


The story of Huitzilopochtli fighting with Coyolxauhqui is the day fighting with the night. male to female. sun with moon. Coyolxauhqui was dismembered and decapitated by Huitzilopochtli . This is the exact same story as Perseus Slaying Medusa. The symbology is also exactly the same. Note the “running pose” of Coyolxauhqui and her belt of snakes, Exactly like Medusa on the greek temples. This beyond reason of doubt proofs there was some form of cultural relation perhaps by seafarers between the old world and the new world before columbus from the west. It also was populated from the east.


Coatlicue is the earth. With the snake heads Here we see also GEB with a snake head as earth. Coatlicue is a combination deity of sky and earth. NUT and GEB in 1. Like the eagle and the snake. The sky and the earth. Male and female. Together they birth their children, the sun and the moon


A seal from Vapheio (left) and a Minoan seal from Kydonia (right) (from Marinatos, 2010)

The godess and swastika(triskele) combined.

As the skies are allways revolving, the swastika and triskele imagery is just that, every going motion. Every going (re)creation.



The Rivers and the waters

The rivers/waters flowing on the sides is “like the blood of medusa” summer and winter. One side “good” and one side “bad”. This is seen back in the Hero twins, both representing a side of the milkyway (the summer and winter constellations) or year.

The two snakes and cadaceus

The symbol of the two waters, or two rivers on each side is also depicted as snakes.  Like the Minoan godess. Orions counterpart was Ophiucius, now holding 1 snake but in the past he held two, caput and serpens. Just like Viracocha. Like the blood of medusa, or the hero twins from the Codex Borgia, one side is bad (winter) one side is good (summer). Together entwined they form time itself the cadaceus. Of particular note is here that we see that like the greeks said one side of medusa was bad and the other good, we see this exact blood link symbolism in the mayas hero twins codex borgia depictions. The interesting part here is that the Hero twins are added which is not visible on the exact same depiction of pacals tomblid. (that btw is not rocketship but a depiction of the milkyway, an astrological reference, more on that later)

The two snakes are seen on mayan pyramids and Hindu pyramids, where they alternate between dragons, snakes and lions. The mountain is mount meru, the central pillar or milkyway and its central bulge. The snakes also the spiraling universe. You also see them on the aztec calender, where they are just like the Hindu culture, the Makara monsters with the long snout. The author also suggest that the chitzen itza temple dragons are wrongfully reconstructed by archeologists, their elongated “makara” snouts now stuck to the snakes chin.

Which should be reconstructed like this:

The “monster in the middle with tongue sticking out”


Aztec calender central figure




The double mountain

Of special note here is the “double mountain relief” Seen in Sumeria, Egypt, Mayan civilizations. With the sun in the middle, which is also depicted as aker, the two lions or two sides. We even see this in Mycenean civilization where the palace of the lion gate is situated between two mountains on the middle one. The lionsgate itself is again a representation of the great godess in the form of a pillar, like asherah was depicted as a pillar for the jews, and the menorah is the tree of life, with the 7 lights of the little dipper on its peak, the milkyway with a slit in the altar signifying her vulva and the lions of the side the two sides of the milkyway.

The two dragons, lions or other animals

The two dragons on enki’s shoulder are of particular relevance as that is the ecleptic, also depicted as AKER symbol, the two lions or sometimes other animals. We see this later also in the Budha who has the same dragons on his shoulders, then called makaras. Makaras appear again in Mayan Civilizations.

The Axe, or Labrys

Related to Labyrinth (the sky), again a reference to the two sides as probably would be the double headed eagle, from the bird on top of the mayan tree. The bird, comes from the little dipper containing the pole star. Quetzal Coatl, often translated as Feathered serpent, also means, Quetzal Twins. The quetzal being a bird, like stele 25 from  Izapa where one sees two bird, respectively the female bird, the little dipper with the polesta at the back of the crocodile tree monster (note our christmas tree with star on top) , the milkyway, like the Hindu Makara and the right bird the male big dipper bird.

The water bottles, flowing waters or Shiva Nataraja Hair

Are also a recurring theme, to indicate water/flow, the  milkyway was a river to the ancient. (the godess Ganga) hence the reference to water, but also a liking to a Makara, crocodile (sobek) or other aquatic animals like the egyptian Tawaret. The monster godess of childbirth.

The “Godess” who births (creates) and “takes Life” as a monster depicted.

Perseus, the sun, beheads “the monster” winter and life is abundant again. Or the Virgin summer/virgo, turns into a monster/winter. Osiris (orion), goes to the underworld, orion constellations moves to below the horizon. Capricorn the devil / goat in Hell etc etc. Jezus (orion) put in a “cave”

Ishtar was an important deity in Mesopotamian religion from around 3500 BCE, until its gradual decline between the 1st and 5th centuries CE with the spread of Christianity.

Ishtar is a Semitic name of uncertain etymology, possibly derived from a Semitic term meaning “to irrigate”. George A. Barton, an early scholar on the subject, suggests that the name stems from “irrigating ditch” and “that which is irrigated by water alone”, therefore meaning “she who waters”, or “is watered” or “the self-waterer”. (milkyway reference)

First picture:
Old Babylonian relief from the early second millennium BCE showing Ishtar wearing a crown and flounced skirt, holding her symbol, currently held in the Louvre Museum

Second picture:
The relief is displayed in the British Museum in London, which has dated it between 1800 and 1750 BCE



Appearance: The hieroglyphic sign for “mountain” depicted to peaks with a valley running between them. This image approximated the hills that rose up on either side of the Nile valley.

Meaning: Although the djew hieroglyph did portray the mountain ranges the Egyptians saw in their everyday lives, it also was a visualization of their cosmic beliefs. Symbolically, the “mountain” was an image of the universal mountain whose two peaks were imagined to hold up the sky. The eastern peak was called Bakhu, to the west was Manu. The ends of this great mountain were guarded by two lions who were called Aker. Aker was a protector of the the sun as it rose and set each day.

Aker is one of the earliest Egyptian earth gods and is the deification of the horizon. He represents the horizon where the sun rises in the East and the sun sets in the West. He is believed to be protecting the sun god Ra, as he enters the netherworld during sunset and returns to the land of the living at sunrise. He is also believed to the guardian of the sun god against his enemy, the demon god Apep by imprisoning his coils to secure safe passage of Ra Only Aker can neutralize the bite of the snake demon god. His name may also be spelled as Akar which roughly translates into “he who bends”.

He was originally portrayed as a narrow strip of land with a lion or a human head at both ends facing away from each other (usually one faces the east and the other the west). Later, he is depicted as two lions facing opposite each other most commonly called Ruti (two lions). Lions were used because the summer solstice usually peaks at the time of the zodiac Leo. The Ruti carries on their back the hieroglyphic sign of the horizon with the sun with the sky above it. Later on, the lions were given names: Sef that means yesterday and Tuau that means today. The lions are often spotted like a leopard as representation of the now extinct Barbary lions. He also may be carrying the akhet – the symbol of the Egyptian sky. It is a solar disc supported between the two summits of the mountain djew. The western crest was called Manu, while the eastern summit was called Bakhu. These peaks cradled the sky as well. Sometimes, the heads of the lions may be that of men or women.

However, these lions were believed to be aggressive in nature when they are called Akeru (the plural form of Aker). The Pyramid Texts suggests that Akeru would not attack the king or the pharaoh but not necessarily the others. The texts further suggest that no one can escape the clutches of the two lions. The two lions were called Sef and Duau, which means “Yesterday” and “Today” respectively.

As Egyptians believed that the gates of the morning and evening were guarded by Aker, they often placed statues of lions at the doors of their palaces and tombs. This was to guard the households and tombs from evil spirits and other malevolent beings. Sometimes they gave these statues the heads of men and women. The Greeks called this class of statuary, “Sphinxes.”

The Egyptian necropolis was typically located in the mountainous desert and so the djew was also closely associated with the concepts of the tomb and of the afterlife. The god of mummification, Anubis bore the epithet, “He who is upon his mountain.” Hathor, the “Mistress of the Necropolis”, while in the form of a cow, was often shown emerging from the side of the western mountain.



Afghanistan: Scythian Gold ornament from Tillia Tepe


A seal from Vapheio (left) and a Minoan seal from Kydonia (right) (from Marinatos, 2010)

Other relevant finds are the gold seal from Turkmenistan Potna Therion, which is directly used to explain the lions gate at Mycenea (the deliberate slit in the altar)

And the Votive clay figure from Altyn Depe (the Golden Hill), Turkmenistan showing the two snakes with the godess like the minoan cult.

The pillar of life is directly related to the great godess and tree of life which is in turn the milkyway.


Votive clay figure from Altyn Depe (the Golden Hill), Turkmenistan.


Copyright © 2012 Ray Dickenson

Turkmenistan, ca 2000 BC, Schaffhausen (the great godess depicted half as tree of life half as godess)


Winged goddess with a Gorgon’s head wearing a split skirt and holding a bird in each hand, type of the Potnia Theron. Probably made on Rhodes. From Kameiros, Rhodes.


Multiple images of Potnia Theron



Who is Britannia?

Britannia is presented in mainstream circles as the female personification of Britain and has done so since the Romans invaded Britain in 43AD. She is depicted as a war like figure, wearing a Corinthians hat and brandishing a shield and trident. She is mostly associated with the sea and features in the popular song, Britannia rules the waves.

However, there is a deeper esoteric meaning behind the symbol which dates back to ancient times long before the Roman Empire was even thought of. The classic symbol of Britannia resembles the ancient Phoenician goddess, Barati, who was recogonised in the Indian Vedas as goddess of the waters.

Her name actually derives from an elite clan of the Aryans who settled in Sumeria around 7500 years ago. The clan was known as the Barats, thus Barati means “belonging to the Barats.” There is a suspicion that this powerful clan have infiltrated cultures and risen to power under another guise.

Goddess of the waters

The symbol of Barati certainly keeps appearing throughout the ancient empires. In ancient Vedic hymns she is called the “Holy Lady of the Waters,” and in the hymn “napat the Son of the Waters,” is hailed as the First-made mother. It is for this reason she is confused with Semiramis, Isis, Athena or Minerva, all of whom are the same goddess passed on through Babylon, Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire.

In ancient Egypt Barati was known as Bairthy, goddess of water and was depicted with a small pitcher balanced on her head, holding a long spear-like sceptre. In Greece she was the goddess Brito-Martis and is always depicted in arms. The Romans adopted the image as Fortuna – the goddess of Good fortune.

So we can see from ancient history, that the modern day symbol of Britannia represents the goddess of the sea and brings good fortune in the times of war – hence the lyrics, “Britannia rules the waves.” Given that modern day symbols used by the elite all come from ancient times yet we are never told what they really represent, it should come as no surprise that few Britons can actually identify a significant symbol in British history!

Artemis, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Atargatis, Athirat, Azzanathcona, Ceres, Cybele, Dana / Danann, Demeter, Easter, Eostre, Innana, Ishtar, Isis, Lilith
and many later cognomens


`Amazons’ and `Gorgons’
Aegean, Mediterranean, N Africa

Chieftain Goddess

Chieftain / Warrior Goddess


`Tuatha Dé Danann’
Western Europe, Ireland, Orkney

Maiden Goddess

Maiden Goddess

Mother Goddess

Mother Goddess

From earliest times – 9,000 to 10,000 years ago – images of `The Goddess’ as Maiden, Chieftain or Mother were shown flanked by `royal’ leopards, panthers or lions, as seen in the above relics from the eastern Mediterranean & Black Sea area; i.e. Syria, Crete, and Anatolia.

She also ruled over plant & animal life & breeding and so is often shown with foliage & lambs / goats etc.
Some early images seem to show `sacred’ Twins (male) at one side, sometimes beside a column or upright beam.

Wild `sacred’ animals belonged to the Goddess;  these were birds (owls and eagles), snakes, and bulls (often represented by the `votive horns’ seen above-center).  Some of these animals were retained in her later incarnations – below.


The Great Goddess, in different countries and later epochs


The Goddess as Astarte of Phoenicia holding serpents - Elohim, Goddess of Animals           The Goddess as Cybele/Artemis of Izmir, Turkey           The Goddess in Phrygia, Anatolia           The Goddess in Minoan Crete

Fuenta magna bowl South America with sumerian writing showing the snake godess in squating / wide open legs pose.





The Goddess at Babylon

Minoan Mountain Goddess + Lions, with Votive Horns           The Goddess as Astarte of Ugarit, Syria           Egypt - Goddess, with a Snake and Lions, as Tefnut (at birth?) - Eye of Ra


Icons, Seals and Symbols for The Great Goddess

Indus Valley


Indus Valley Seal                     Indus Valley Seal2                     Indus Valley - Mohenjo Seal

Simplified image of The Goddess – as Warrior or Chief – holding or restraining two lions, apparently used as identifying `seals’; either for individuals (priestesses), or for goods / cargo headed to or from `Great Goddess’ territories.

Ancient – Pre-Pharaonic – Egypt (shows LION + BULL)

Early Egyptian Tomb painting

A similarly simplified image of The Goddess – as Warrior or Chief – holding or restraining two lions, on a c. 5,500 year old tomb in southern Egypt.  I.e. – dating from well before the time of the pharaohs.



Great Goddess image survivals from – Syria, Spain, Mesopotamia (Iran), Greece (Sparta), central Egypt, Israel, Mycenaean Greece etc.

(Mouse-over for site names or other details)

Goddess as `Ishtar' w/lion - probably of Syria

Fountain at Almunecar           Mother Goddess w/ Lions - Anatolia           Carving at Susa, Mesopotamian Iran           Carving of Goddess as Artemis, Sparta           Knife-hilt from Abydos area

Maiden Goddess with lions - bronze coin           Goddess with snakes and lions           Mycenaean Goddess w/Lions           Goddess of Minoan Crete - w/Lions           Detail from Taanach Stand - Israel


Great Goddess Warrior images used a fear-symbol – probably by later patriarchal opponents – Etruria & Ireland

Warrior Goddess as `Gorgon' - Etruscans' name for their `Amazonian' enemy                               Warrior Goddess as `Sheel na Gig', a fear-figure of later Irish clerics



This is not a pillar at hatussa. Its a giant figure without a head, You see the arms. The hole is her womb / vagina. The head was taken of / destroyed as in muslim country Turkey.

Mistress of the animals on Boiotian clay pyxis Antikensammlung Berlin

The Lion Gate of Mycenae

The Lion Gate of Mycenae was the entrance to the city. Atop the gate, two lions rampant are carved in stone relief. Similar bas-reliefs of two lions rampant facing each other are found in a number of places in Phrygia in Asia Minor.1

The Lion Gate of Mycenae
Arslantas, Rock-cut Phrygian tomb

“The resemblance in idea is complete,” wrote W. M. Ramsay in 1888.2 He considered the scheme “so peculiarly characteristic of Phrygia, that we can hardly admit it to have been borrowed from any other country.” He found himself “driven to the conclusion that the Mycenaean artists either are Phrygians or learned the idea from the Phrygians.”3 “It is not allowable to separate them [the Phrygian and Mycenaean monuments] in time by several centuries.”4

“The Phrygian monuments,” in Ramsay’s view, belong to the ninth and eighth centuries.5

. . . The end of the Phrygian kingdom is a fixed date, about 675 B.C.”6 when the invasion of Asia Minor by the Cimmerians put an end to the Phrygian culture and art. Ramsay went on:

I do not think it is allowable to place the Mycenaean gateway earlier than the ninth, and it is more likely to belong to the eighth century.

The view to which I find myself forced is as follows. There was in the eighth century lively intercourse between Argos and Asia Minor: in this intercourse the Argives learned . . . to fortify their city in the Phrygian style with lions over the gate. Historically there is certainly good reason to assign at least part of the fortifications of Mycenae to the time when the Argive kings [the tyrants of the eighth century] were the greatest power in Greece [here follow the names of several authorities among the historians who hold the same view].8

On the other hand, the almost universal opinion of archaeologists rejects this hypothesis. . . .

Oriental influences found in the remains of Mycenae are “precisely what we should expect in a kingdom like the Argos of the eighth century,” when this kingdom had intercourse with Asia Minor, Phoenicia and Egypt. “I wish however to express no opinion here about the date of the Mycenaean tombs and about Mycenaean pottery, but only to argue that the fortifications of the Lion Gate belong to the period 800-700 B.C.”9

I quote this opinion of Ramsay with the special intention of showing how this viewpoint was invalidated.

The Egyptologist Flinders Petrie made the following reply:

“[A] matter which demands notice is Professor Ramsay’s conclusion that the lion gateway is of as late a date as the eighth century B.C. This results from assuming it to be derived from Phrygian lion groups, on the ground of not knowing of any other prototype. As however we now have a wooden lion, in exactly the same attitude, dated to 1450 in Egypt . . . it seems that the Phrygian designs are not the only source of this motive for Mykenae.”10

In Egypt of the latter part of the Eighteenth Dynasty a single instance of a rampant lion (not two rampant lions facing each other as at Mycenae and in Phrygia) made Petrie claim Egypt as a possible place of origin of this image rather than Phrygia. He had discovered heaps of Mycenaean ware in Egypt of the time of Akhnaton. He could not but conclude that these heaps coming from Mycenae must be dated to the fourteenth century.11

Equally impressive was the discovery at Mycenae of a number of objects of Eighteenth-Dynasty date, such as objects bearing the cartouches of Amenhotep II, Amenhotep III, and Queen Tiy.12

Therefore Petrie decidedly opposed Ramsay in his estimate of eighth century for the Lion Gate and the fortification wall of Mycenae.13

Here is a case where evidence from Anatolia pointed to the eighth century;14 but the Egyptologist demanded of the classical scholar that he disregard this evidence in favor of the time scale of Egypt.

The debate between Ramsay and Petrie took place before Evans’ archaeological work on Crete; there rampant lions were found engraved on Late Minoan gems,15 conveying the idea that Mycenae must have borrowed the image from there, from a period well preceding the Phrygian models.16 Yet one should not lose sight of the fact that Crete’s chronology was also built upon relations with Egypt. In the section “The Scandal of Enkomi” we shall read how Evans objected to the chronological implications of Cypriote archaeology by stressing relations between the Egyptian and the Minoan (Cretan) chronologies on the one hand, and Minoan and Cypriote on the other. In Ages in Chaos it was shown in great detail why the end of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt must be placed in the latter part of the ninth century. Thus even if Crete was the original source of the motif, Mycenae and Phrygia both deriving it thence, the dependence of Cretan chronology on that of Egypt constitutes the crux of the problem.17

Let us keep in mind that in the 1880s and 1890s classical scholars of the stature of W. M. Ramsay (1851-1939) questioned the inclusion of the Dark Ages of several hundred years’ duration between the Mycenaean past and the Ionic age in Greece. And let us not overlook what was the supposedly crushing argument for wedging more than half a millennium into the history of ancient Greece.



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Aztek vs Hinduism

Aztek vs hinduism.

It is Durga and The buffalo demon Mahishasura

It is in symbology similar to Kali on Shiva.

One starsign conquers another one. Coneshells where also found in south american graves, This is an astrological depiction. You see the astrological disk identical to the Aztec calender with the figure with the tongue.

Storm bird

Aratus called Aquila the storm bird,, for in the northern
hemisphere it rises in winter bringing with it bas weather
and storms of that season. The constellation has been recognized
as a bird for the last 3.500 years and the greesk incorporated it
it in their mythology by naming it the eagle, whose form Zeus
assumed to kidnap Ganymede.

[311] Further up there is another Arrow [Sagitta] shot – alone without a bow.
By it is the Bird [Cygnus] outspread nearer the North, but hard at hand another bird tosses in storm,
of smaller size but cruel in its rising from the sea when the night is waning, and men call it the Eagle (Storm-bird) [Aquila].

ARATUS OF SOLI was a Greek poet who flourished in Macedonia in the early C3rd B.C. His only surviving work is the Phaenomena, a book describing the constellations and weather signs.



Signs in the heavens

by Dr. Chuck Missler


The Hebrew “Mazzaroth” has nothing to do with astrology. Rather, it is a tool that uses the stars to tell a story.

In this article, we’re going to look at the Mazzaroth, the Hebrew name for the zodiac. Many scholars believe the word zodiac comes from the Greek zidiakòs kýklos meaning “a circle of little animals.” The Sanskrit root word sodi, though, means “the way” and reflects the Middle East understanding of the zodiac.

The Mazzaroth has nothing to do with astrology or any attempt to tell our futures based on the stars. Rather, the Mazzaroth is a tool that uses the stars to tell a story.

The Hebrews knew their constellations. They were not to worship the stars, but the first chapter of Genesis states that when God created the heavenly bodies, He did so for several reasons. He said, “…Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.”[1]

Stories in the Sky

It is amusing to see planetarium shows still spreading the notion that the various pictures associated with the constellations were ancient imaginings taken from the arrangement of the stars. If you have carefully explored that conjecture, it is easily discarded as fanciful and absurd.

Have you ever tried to visualize a “lady chained to a chair” in the bent-W known as Cassiopeia? One can see Draco as a serpent-dragon winding and bending between the Big and Little Dippers, but Sagittarius looks more like a teapot than an archer. And yet, the names of the constellations tend to be consistent, with small variations, throughout different cultures around the world.

We also discover something else as we delve into these ancient records. We discover ancient Persian and Arabian traditions that ascribe the invention of astronomy to Adam, Seth and Enoch. Josephus credits the children of Seth with working to preserve the ancient knowledge in pillars of stone.[2]

Those traditions do have roots back that far, and I suggest that the names of the stars and the constellations originally had meaning to Adam, Seth, and Enoch—that they were created to serve as a mnemonic, a memory tool, to tell a very important story. The story they tell has significance to all of us, so much so that it was corrupted in a temple at Babel and became the distorted soothsayer’s tool we see today in astrology.

Associated with each sign’s constellation are three other smaller constellations called “decans” for a total of 36, each rising in the same area of the sky as their associated major constellation. Every ten days, a different decan is visible on the eastern horizon just before sunrise, and 2100 years before Christ, symbols on Egyptian coffins show they were used to keep track of sidereal time.[3]

The pictures in the sky are not as important as their names, and the corrupted Babylonian star names aren’t extremely helpful, although we can see a hint of the original names in a few places. The clue to unraveling the original story is to understand the Hebrew names. We owe a debt to E.W. Bullinger for his 1893 book The Witness of the Stars and his careful exposition of the Hebrew constellation and star names.

The Seed of the Virgin

The first sign of the Mazzaroth is known best by her Latin name Virgo—the Virgin. In the Mazzaroth, the Hebrew name of this constellation is Bethulah, which also means Virgin, and she holds a branch in her hand (see graphic, left).

That’s interesting. Why is the Virgin holding a branch in her hand? The brightest star in the constellation is Spica, Latin for “ear of grain.” The Hebrew name for the star, Tsemech, means “branch” as does the Arabic name, Al Zimach. In Egyptian, the star is Aspolia—“the seed.”

There are 20 Hebrew words that can mean “branch.” Tsemach is consistently associated with the Messiah—the Branch who will sprout up out of the root of David (Isaiah 4:2, Jeremiah 23:5, Zechariah 3:8). The reference to the grain is interesting. In the Gospel of John, Jesus says:

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.”

John 12:24

If we can’t track the Hebrew names, the Arabic is usually very close, because the languages are similar. In Arabic, the whole constellation is called The Branch, and the other bright stars in the constellation are Zavijaveh, “gloriously beautiful” and Al Mureddin, “who shall have dominion” (Psalm 72:8). In Chaldean, this last star is Vindemiatrix, “son who cometh.”

Bethulah/Virgo corresponds beautifully with Genesis 3:15 and Isaiah 7:14, the first Biblical prophecy of the coming Messiah, born of the seed of the woman, born of a virgin.


The three decan constellations associated with Virgo are Coma, Centaurus, and Bootes. In Hebrew, the root word Camah means “to long with desire” as when David says, “…my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is” (Psalm 63:1), and the derivative Comah means “the desired one.”

In the Egyptian Temple of Denderah, Coma is portrayed as a woman holding a child. Bullinger quotes the Arabian astronomer Albumazar saying of Coma, “There arises in the first Decan, as the Persians, Chaldeans, and Egyptians and the two Hermes and Ascalius teach, a young woman, whose Persian name denotes a pure virgin, sitting on a throne, nourishing an infant boy (the boy, I say), having a Hebrew name, by some nations called IHESU…”[4]

That’s an odd visual, because virgins do not suckle babies. The ancient Egyptian name for the constellation is Shes-nu, which means the “desired son.”


Another decan constellation associated with Virgo is Centaurus, and the centaur we know from pagan mythology. Half-man, half-horse, a centaur is a being with two natures. The name of the constellation in Hebrew is Bezah, which means “the despised”—as in Isaiah 53:3: “He is despised and rejected of men…” Asmeath, “sin offering,” was another name for this constellation in Hebrew, as in Isaiah 53:10: “Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: When thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin…” Our Savior was a despised sin offering with two natures—God and man.


The third decan associated with Virgo is Bootes, a man walking rapidly with a spear in his right hand and a sickle in his left. His name is a Greek variation on the Hebrew word Bo, which means “to come.” Arcturus, the brightest star in this constellation and the brightest north of the celestial equator, is mentioned in Job 9:9 and 38:32. Its Hebrew name is `Ayish, from a root word that means, “to come quickly” or “to hasten.” He is the Coming One. It is likely that the entire constellation’s original name was Arcturus.

By the time of the Greeks, Bootes is portrayed as a Plowman, holding his sickle. He is also shown driving the bears of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, or in recent centuries leading the nearby greyhound constellation.

As a guardian, though, why does he carry a sickle? That’s the tool and weapon of the farmer, not the hunter. Yet, according to Revelation 14, Jesus Christ does carry a sickle in his right hand for the time of harvest (Revelation 14:14–15). After Arcturus, the next brightest star in Bootes is called Necar – “the pierced one” or Merga, “who bruises.”

The Gospel in the Stars

Thus, we see in the constellation Virgo and her decans the framework for the story to follow. We see the Virgin suckling the greatly desired son, also called “the seed of the woman” and “the branch.” We then see the two-natured teacher and prophet who was pierced and sacrificed, and finally the Coming One, who will hurry with a sickle in his hand as ready for a harvest.

“It is only one chapter out of twelve,” Bullinger writes, “but it distinctly foreshadows the end—even ‘the sufferings of Christ and the glory which should follow.’”[5]

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The gospel in the stars


According to Josephus, the Constellations were designed by Adam, Seth and Enoch.  Their original purpose was to write the Gospel in the Sky: a PROPHETIC RECORD OF THE LIFE AND MISSION OF YAHSHUA MESSIAH (JESUS CHRIST).  This is the amazing story of the Prophetic Mazzaroth, the TRUE ORIGIN of the Zodiac.  Praise Yahweh.  These two videos contain some non-Identity doctrine, but the basic message is correct and explained in my article below.

Part 1:

Part 2:



Or, the Original Zodiac and Its Messianic Significance

by Pastor Eli James


“Canst thou bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion? Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season? Or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons? Knowest thou the ordinances of heaven?” (Job 38:32-33.)




Most Christians are taught to shun astrology and shy away from anything having to do with zodiacs. These two ancient astral concepts are usually viewed with contempt and disdain by most Christians, but the truth is, the Zodiac (Hebrew: mazzaroth) is much older than the art of astrology. Though the latter, especially in its modern form, has no significance whatsoever for today’s Christian, this is not true concerning the Zodiac. Few people are aware of this astounding fact: the original Zodiac of antiquity has always had one major focal point, that being the life and mission of Jesus Christ.

This assertion must be revelatory to most astrologers as well, for the modern meanings of the twelve signs of the Zodiac have become fairly entrenched; and these meanings have nothing to do with Jesus Christ. In fact, most astrologers seem to have a very pronounced anti-Christian bias in favor of the occult. However, it has become very clear to me that the Messiah-based symbolism of the original Zodiac is still represented by most of the twelve signs, as well as by the 36 decans (sub-signs) that go in tandem with these signs. Some of the pictographical signs have changed over the millennia, but most of them still retain their original pictography. In this research, we will go back in time, covering a span of six to seven thousand years, to discover the origin of the Zodiac, the Prophetic Mazzaroth. What emerges from an intense, close-up study of the oldest constellations is a very consistent, unwavering prophetic outline of the life and mission of Jesus Christ on our planet Earth.

In addition to the signs and decans that share this symbolism, we also find that the names of the stars that are contained within the various constellations amplify this Christian symbolism. I have hesitated from publishing this information primarily because it cuts against the grain of the strong anti-astrological sentiment within Christianity; but the evidence for the Prophetic Mazzaroth is quite overwhelming. As you will see from the associations cited below, the evidence is virtually undeniable. We must bear in mind that the Zodiac of Adam does not have the same components as modern astrology. The two are completely separate systems, although the latter is loosely based upon the former.

In a nutshell, it can be said that the Zodiac is the Gospel in the sky. According to Joseph Seiss, the Zodiac was conceived and designed by the Biblical patriarchs Adam, Seth, and Enoch for the express purposes of 1.) maintaining a prophetic countdown toward the coming of Jesus Christ, including His function at both advents, and 2.) providing a symbolic representation of Christ’s relationship to His people, Israel (not to be confused with the Jews). It will come as a tremendous surprise to most Christians that the Zodiac has its origin in the minds of the Biblical patriarchs, and further yet, that the twelve signs and their decans all represent various stages in the life of Christ and his mission as our Messiah. In addition, as you will see, the Zodiacal signs also symbolize some of the other notable characters in the Biblical narrative.

In many cases, the constellations represent literal passages taken straight from of the Bible. For example, the zodiacal serpent which is represented as encompassing one third of the night sky is signified as the former archangel Lucifer, who rebelled against God and took one-third of the heavenly host with him in that rebellion. (Rev.12:4)

The goat of Capricorn represents Jesus as the scapegoat for Israel’s sins. The sign Virgo represents the virgin birth, and Leo represents Jesus as the Lion of Judah, the King of Kings, ruler of planet Earth at His Second Coming. Does all of this sound utterly improbable? Yes, it does. But that should not prevent you from reading further.


The Origin of the Zodiac With Adam

The first Bible researcher to notice that there is a correlation between the signs of the Zodiac and the drama of the Messiah was Joseph Seiss. His book, The Gospel in the Stars: or, Primeval Astronomy, first published in 1882, was not a best-seller. Needless to say, in Seiss’s time, the prevailing mindset of Christianity was against what was understood as astrology. There was little interest in Seiss’s novel concept, and, no doubt, his thesis was met with either scoffing or indifference. From our perspective, Joseph Seiss was at least 120 years ahead of his time.

In the preface of his book, Seiss says, “The first suspicion that the original constellations may perhaps have come from a divine or prophetic source was impressed upon the writer’s mind in connection with his studies of the marvelous wisdom embodied in the Great Pyramid of Gizeh.” It would be fair to say that even in the mid-1800’s, many scientists who studied the Great Pyramid found that its construction and design revealed a far greater knowledge of science and mathematics than was commonly ascribed to the ancient world. All of these researchers, including those of the 20th Century and these ought years (’01 – ’09) of the 21st Century, have concluded that whoever built the Great Pyramid was expert with the mathematical constants of Pi (3.141592643….) and Phi (.618, also known as the Fibonacci Series and as the Golden Section). [For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of Phi, here is a link to an article explaining the significance of Phi: ] Even today, our schoolchildren are taught that Pythagoras discovered the value of Pi, but that is incorrect. Pythagoras admitted that he learned it from the Egyptians, and the Egyptians, in turn, learned this mathematical science from an even earlier civilization.

Something was going on in the ancient world that boggles the mind of modern man.

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and for years.” – Gen. 1:14.

Could the expression “for signs” be literally interpreted as meaning Zodiacal signs? Yes it could.

What Joseph Seiss did was to extensively research the various zodiacs of Egypt, India, Sumeria, Babylon, Arabia, etc. in order to determine which symbols were used to represent the original constellations and which were, therefore, the oldest. He found that the Greek and Roman symbols had obviously been borrowed from the above-mentioned earlier zodiacs. Also, wherever the later zodiacs diverged from the earlier ones, the signs or symbols lacked the overall plan or thematic consistency of the earlier ones. What Seiss found was that the origin of the symbology predated the Biblical flood. This symbology was geographically centered in Mesopotamia and dated back to the time of Adam, which would take us back to 4,000 – 5,000 B.C.

Mesopotamia was where the Adamites known as the Hebrews originated. Although the Adamites inhabited Mesopotamia, India and the Tarim Basin of Mongolia before Noah’s Flood, they were driven out of Mesopotamia briefly until the Flood dissipated. The Hebrews emerged after the Flood when our ancestor Heber moved into that territory with his people. Heber was born five generations after Noah. These Hebrews had extensive social interaction reaching as far east as India, as far west as Britain, as far south as Egypt, and also to some extent even north into China, where a remnant of White Adamites still exists, even today, in Xingiang Province of southwestern Mongolia. It must be understood that the astronomer-priests of these early nations were extremely interested in each other’s work, just as today’s astronomers are. Omens and portents in the skies were of immense importance to these sky-watchers; and if someone were to correctly predict an event based upon portents in the skies, whether they held astrological implications, comets of doom, eclipses, or other heavenly symbolism, the word circulated quickly if someone’s predictions had come true. In terms of the ancient world, aside from the usual news of wars, royal births and deaths of notable people, astronomical news was BIG NEWS.

Probably the first question a skeptic would ask is: “If all of this is true, then why doesn’t the Bible contain more references to the constellations or to astrology?” The answer to this question is twofold: 1.) Most of the ancient texts which were intended for public instruction contain little or no astrological or astronomical information. Astrology/astronomy was the science of that time and the astronomer-priests kept their profession to themselves. The same is still true of astrology (which became a separate discipline from astronomy during the Middle Ages), unless you think that the daily horoscopes in the newspapers are the best that these astrologers can do today! Devoid of ideology, astrology can be seen as a very sophisticated discipline of comparative statistics, with star and planet positions correlated to earthly events. 2.) The Old Testament, which is a compilation of ancient texts by many Hebrew authors, has undergone a tremendous editorial process, much of which was politically and religiously motivated. Throughout history, religious leaders have sought to distance the common man from Scriptural understanding. Often, these religious leaders did not practice what they preached. For example, it is known that many popes have had their own personal astrologers while at the same time they have publicly condemned astrology. The big question is: “What did they know that they didn’t want other people to know?”

The Old Testament consists of three main disciplines: history, ethics and prophecy. Whatever scientific information there is within its pages is scattered among the various books and these statements have to be compared to natural history and recorded history for accuracy. When one diligently searches the Scriptures for such history, we find that there are numerous statements made about physical reality. I have been arguing that the Christian Identity interpretation of the Bible is in perfect accord with natural history and science. It is the Fundamentalist, Judeo-Christian interpretation which disagrees with natural history and the earth sciences. Mainstream Christianity can be said to be anti-scientific because it teaches a view of history that is opposed to natural science. Two perfect examples are the Flood Theory and the Evolution Fable. Christianity teaches, falsely, that the flood waters reached the top of Mt. Everest. This is ridiculous. Creationism teaches that all the races evolved from Adam and Eve, and then again, almost instantaneously from Noah’s family, right after the Flood! What nonsense!!! [For an Identity critique of the mainstream view of the Flood, here is Mark Downey’s article on the subject: ]

A major focus of Christian Identity is to put natural history, science, and the Bible into proper perspective. When we drop the anti-scientific mindset of the Judeo-Christians, the Bible and history begin to make sense.

Getting back to ancient astronomy, the point is that such knowledge was the province of specialists who had to study for years, even decades, to become astronomer-priests. It was not so much that this knowledge was deliberately kept from the common people, but more a factor of the inability to convey such knowledge given the level of its difficulty. Literacy and mathematical knowledge were not available to the common people. A similar phenomenon is that of the Mayan Calendar with its various counts. Very few people are interested in studying the Mayan Calendar, so the wisdom it contains is left to those who have the interest and the time to pursue this knowledge.

The fact is that the Bible does contain a wealth of astrological/astronomical information if you care to look closely and objectively. This extra-biblical, Hebrew and Christian literature, which has been passed down to us in parallel with the Bible, contains a literal gold mine of astronomical knowledge. Thus it must be stated categorically that astrology (in the original sense of the term) is a fundamental part of the Bible. Indeed, the Magi would have never located the Christ child, nor would they have known of the prophecies concerning him, were they not skilled astrologers (astronomer-priests).

Referring to the Greek and Roman zodiacs, Seiss tells us: “Albumazer attributes the invention of both Zodiacs to Hermes; and Hermes, according to the Arab and Egyptian authorities, was the patriarch Enoch. Josephus and the Jewish rabbis affirm that the ‘starry lore’ had its origin with the antedeluvian patriarchs, Seth and Enoch.” – p. 22. This equation of Hermes with Enoch, the Adamite patriarch and scribe, casts an entirely new light upon these ancient days. This means, undoubtedly, that Enoch was a highly skilled and learned man in the ancient art of astral science, and, thus internationally revered for his knowledge and wisdom. As is frequently the case for these ancient sages, different cultures knew them by different names and titles. Only by carefully cross-referencing ancient records can we discover that the Enoch of the Adamites was the same as the Hermes of the Egyptians. Seiss felt perfectly assured that this identification was accurate.

Now Seth was the son of Adam, who lived 930 years. Anyone who had sufficient time could ostensibly draw a few pictures in the sky and give them meaning. Genesis 2:19-20 tells us that Adam was engaged in the naming of the various species of animals, beasts and birds. Adam would thus have been the first nomenclator and biologist. It is not a huge step to suggest that Adam also designed constellations and named various stars.

Seiss goes on to assert that both the Zodiac and the alphabet were developed in conjunction with one another, so that the development of writing was closely connected with the scientific development of record-keeping and notation with respect to astronomy and the construction of observatories and monuments. Modern archeology completely underestimates the accumulated wealth of scientific knowledge that was possessed by these astronomer-priests. They argue that these temples and monuments, such as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid, were mere tombs at which ritual dances, sacrifices, and pagan rites were performed. I can say with certainty that it is these present day archeologists who are imputing to the ancient past their own pre-conceived notions due to their ignorance of pre-history. It is they who are out of touch with reality. Their precious Fable of Evolution demands a steady increase (evolution) of abilities and talents. The actual record of geology and archeology confirm that numerous catastrophes have beset this planet; and great civilizations were destroyed in their time.

We would expect to find that the Zodiac of Adam was in common use in those days; and its utility for navigation on the high seas at nighttime cannot be underestimated. Navigators who were familiar with the constellations could easily stay on course at night. If all of this is true, then we gain a new dimension of respect for the ancient art of astrology and for the astronomer-priests who had to create a written language as well as develop a sophisticated mathematical system in order to communicate with each other. Ancient astrology, therefore, would have been instrumental in the development of numerous mathematical, temporal and spatial concepts that would have developed in conjunction with the appropriate symbols to represent them.



Astrology and the Twelve Tribes of Israel

Few doctrinaire Christians would want to admit this, but the Twelve Tribes of Israel represent the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac. The four cardinal signs are each represented by the four leading tribes: Dan is Scorpio, although this tribe took the sign of the eagle, or phoenix, for its emblem. Judah is Leo, the Lion. Reuben is Aquarius, the man. And Ephraim is Taurus, the bull. After the exodus from Egypt, it was common for Israel’s twelve tribes to camp in a square formation, with three tribes on each side of the square. When they formed their camp, the four leading tribes, Reuben, Dan, Ephraim and Judah, stationed themselves at the cardinal points and the other tribes assumed their positions on either side of the lead tribes. Each tribe had its own coat of arms emblazoned on its flags and battle-shields. These may also be directly related to the signs of the Zodiac. (This tradition of coats-of-arms is still present among the Anglo-Saxons today, providing more proof that we, not the Jews, are the true and only descendants of the Twelve Tribes. The Jewish people have absolutely NO TRADITION of heraldry.)

William V. Fowler, a disciple of Dr. Wesley Swift and Bertrand Comparet, in his book End Time Revelation, gives us these associations: Joseph (including his sons Manasseh and Ephraim) – Gemini; Zebulon – Cancer; Issachar – Aquarius; Asher – Libra; Gad – Saggitarius; Simeon – Aries; Naphtali – Capricorn; Reuben – Taurus; Dan – Scorpio; Benjamin – Virgo; Judah – Leo; Levi – Pisces. (pages 78,79).

On page 77 he states: “The Adamic Race was thus brought into this world on the eighth day (age) to head the pre-Adamic creations and to bring in the law and order of the Kingdom of God. Adam failed when he disobeyed God and Scripture states that Jesus Christ who rose on the first or ‘eighth’ day ‘after the Sabbath was past’ took the place of the first Adam. The Second Adam (Christ) will restore the whole creation (Rom. 8:5-23 and Isaiah 11:1-16).” This is an excellent summary of what the Bible and the Zodiac are all about!

In the Book of Revelation, we encounter a passage concerning four beasts: “And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast was like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle.” – Rev. 4:7. Here again, we have the four cardinal signs: Leo, the Lion (Judah); Taurus, the Bull (Ephraim); Aquarius, the Man (Reuben): Scorpio, the Eagle (Dan). With regard to Scorpio, the eagle has been replaced by the pictograph of the scorpion, but, as you will see later, the eagle still remains as one of Scorpio’s decans.

We have thus far demonstrated that the Bible contains a certain amount of astrological significance. We have just scratched the surface. Again, this information is not to be confused with modern astrology. We are speaking here exclusively of the Mazzaroth of Adam and its Messianic interpretation.


The Christian Significance of the Signs and Decans

I Begin with Virgo, which I take to be the first sign in the Zodiac, according to its original intent and reading. The Zodiac of Esne begins with this sign…I also have the statement from the best authorities that the custom was universal among the ancients to reckon from Virgo round to Leo.” – Seiss, p. 27.

So, departing from the present tradition of starting with Aries and ending with Pisces, let us discover this most ancient Christian Zodiac, which begins with Virgo and ends with Leo. (Quotations will be from Seiss unless otherwise noted. Also, for online drawings of the Prophetic Mazzaroth, go to this link for a short article and buttons to click for the depictions:

Constellation I. Virgo, the Virgin

Krishna, the divine incarnation of the Hindoo mythology, was born of a virgin. A hundred years before Christ an altar was found in Gaul with this inscription: ‘To the virgin who is to bring forth.’ And this maiden in the sign is the holder and bringer of an illustrious Seed. In her hand is the spica, the ear of wheat, the best of seed, and that spica indicated by the brightest star in the whole constellation…In addition to the spica in one hand, she bears a branch in the other. The ancient names of the stars in this constellation emphasize this showing, along with that of the Seed. Al Zimach, Al Azal, and Subilon mean the shoot, the branch, the ear of wheat.

Given that the Bible repeatedly uses plants, such as wheat and tares, to symbolize people, we are not surprised to find similar symbolism in the Adamic Zodiac. Trees often symbolize family trees and branches likewise symbolize tribes or clans. It can be easily seen that the Spica is the “seed of the woman” and “the most excellent seed,” Jesus Christ, of the family branch of the tribe of Judah. Note that the Old Testament refers to the future Messiah as “the root of Jesse,” and the “branch of David,” and one who is to be “born of a virgin.” The symbolism of the ancient constellation of Virgo and the related biblical symbolism stand in virtual conformity. Could it be that the authors of the Zodiac and the authors of the Old Testament were the same group of people: Adam, Seth, and Enoch? Did Moses, as a Hebrew scribe, acquire his knowledge and inspiration from written documents handed down from them?

The Lord Krishna of Hinduism may or may not have been born of a virgin. What is important here is that the legend and prophecy of the “one who is to be born of a virgin” was, at the time of Lord Krishna, already accepted astrological symbolism. Krishna and others may have borrowed this symbolism for themselves in order to enhance their position. Critics of Christianity have tried to lessen the significance of the Messiah’s virgin birth by pointing out that many sages prior to Christ had made such a claim. But, were they the objects of the Mazzaroth prophecy? Being “born of a virgin” would thus have been a form of one-upmanship, an assumed bragging point, based on a known prophecy. Lacking this knowledge of the antiquity of the Zodiac and its meaning, secular critics of Yahshua Messiah falsely assume that the story of Christ’s virgin birth is simply the retelling of an old legend. There has never been a shortage of false claimants to any major office. It is not the case that Christianity borrowed the idea of the virgin birth from Krishna or from the Epic of Gilgamesh. It is the other way around. Earlier pretenders stole the idea from the Prophetic Mazzaroth, whose central theme is Yahshua Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. Incredible, eh?

First Decan. Coma, the Desired One.

The first decan of Virgo continues the Messianic symbolism of Virgo. In the Zodiac of Dendera, Coma is pictured as a seated woman holding an infant.

Seiss quotes Albumazer as reporting, “There arises in the first Decan, as Persians, Chaldeans, and Egyptians, and the two Hermes and Ascalius, teach, a young woman, whose Persian name denotes a pure virgin sitting on a throne, nourishing an infant boy, said boy having a Hebrew name, by some nations called Ihesu, with the signification Ieza, which in Greek is called Christ.” In the Latin, the name is, of course, Jesu. In Ye Olde Aenglische, it was Yesu. In modern English, Jesus. So, at least 4,000 years before this event, it was prophesied that the Messiah would be called by the name of Ihesu (Jesus). I told you this would be mind-boggling, didn’t I?

In the Hebrew and oriental dialects, Coma means “the Desired One.” The Bible also refers to the Messiah as the desired one: “The desire of all nations is to come.” – Haggai 2:7. In Egyptian, Shes-nu means the desired son. The early Christians of the persecution had a saying, “maranatha,” meaning “He cometh.” It was their secret way of telling a Christian from a non-Christian. A Christian would respond by saying, “Yes, He cometh.” A non-Christian would say, “What are you talking about?” Even more fascinating is the modern definition of the word ‘coma,’ meaning a state of forgetfulness or prolonged unconsciousness. This, very fittingly, describes the state of True Israel today!!!

Second Decan. Centaurus.

The Centaur is a dual-natured figure, half man, half horse. The human part of the figure holds a sword or spear which he is about to throw and the horse is charging into the fray. The symbolism here is befitting with regard to the First Advent of Jesus Christ. He has a dual nature, that of God and man. Upon his arrival, he, like a cavalryman, leads the charge against the forces of evil.

In Greek mythology, in the Cheiron fable, the Centaur is also regarded as a great teacher. As if to foreshadow the passion of Jesus, the Centaur, despite being regarded as a great teacher, becomes hated and despised. Struck by a poisoned arrow, Centaurus dies while in the act of attempting to help humanity. This symbolism fits Jesus Christ perfectly, as He, despite His renown as a healer, was struck down by the combined forces of the political, economic and ecclesiastical establishments of His day. Although perceived by Rome as a nuisance and a spiritual rabble-rouser, He was absolutely hated by the temple moneylenders and the Pharisaic priesthood. Poison, indeed!

Third Decan. Bootes (Arcturus): the Great Shepherd

The Hebrew root, Bo, means “coming,” the implication being that Bootes is “the Coming One,” he who is expected; thus, the asterism (sign) Bootes is a continuation of the Virgo theme of the Messianic “desire of nations.” The Egyptians called Bootes Smat, meaning ruler, subduer, governor. Although the Judeans got a glimpse of His power when He calmed the sea and raised the dead, His real power will be demonstrated at His Second Coming, His future Kingdom reign. Some depictions show Bootes holding a sword in his right hand; but the earliest pictures show him with a shepherd’s staff, thus symbolizing the Great Shepherd. In his left hand he holds a sickle with which he reaps a harvest of men. With these two representative symbols, Christ’s dual mission, as our shepherd at the first advent and as the reaper at the second advent, is expressed in one solitary figure.


Constellation II. Libra.

The Great Scales of Libra symbolize the Messianic responsibility of judging humanity. Christ’s walk upon planet earth from late 2 B.C. to Passover, 33 A.D. was a demonstration of what is required of all human beings if they wish to attain true justice. He redeemed His people, Israel, so that they would set the example of the coming Kingdom. The stand and arms of the scales obviously designate a cross. Using this symbolism, the scales may in fact represent the judging of each individual soul or the judging of entire cultures and their people. The Hebrew name, Mozanaim, implies the weighing of mountains, and in the Bible, as often noted, mountains stand for governments and nations. The meaning of this entire symbol is, therefore, that between the first and second advents, nations will first be given the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom and then they will be judged according to their actions. He said, “If you love me, obey my commandments.” (John 14:15) Incidentally, how often do you hear today’s feel-good Churchians quoting that passage? It contradicts their interpretation of Paul!!! Our success or failure as Christians is dependent upon our appreciation of this message, the Gospel of the Kngdom, and our demonstration of repentance. ” I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance…but he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire.” — John the Baptist speaking of Jesus at Matt. 3:11.

The scales of Libra symbolize the nations of the earth hanging in the balance while they are judged by Yahshua Messiah. As the nations judged Him at His First Advent, so will He judge them at His Second Advent. Let us pray for mercy!!!

Indeed, many nations have gone down ignominiously in flames during the intervening periods of history. The question is whether the nation of True Israel has learned its lesson yet. For Anglo-Saxon Israel, the message is more specific: the First Advent being the Redemption from the Fall of Adam through the shed blood of Christ, and the Second Advent being the Judgment of True Israel, whose remnant of overcomers (the 144,000) will be rewarded with the Kingdom. All Israel was redeemed from the sin of Adam but only those who qualify will be given the Kingdom. “And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.” (Rev. 11:18)

First Decan. The Southern Cross

In the ancient past, the Southern Cross was visible from the northern hemisphere, but because of precession, it has slipped below the horizon and can be seen only in the southern hemisphere. Its four-cornered stars mark a cross in a spectacular display. It is as prominent in the southern sky as the Big and Little Dippers are in the northern sky. Even school children can pick out these constellations. According to Seiss, “It was last seen in the horizon of Jerusalem about the time that Christ was crucified.” The Hebrew name for the constellation is Adom, meaning “cutting off.”

In Daniel’s prophecy of the 70 weeks, the crucifixion is predicted: “Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision of the prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.” – 9:24. (This prophecy is the famous 70 “weeks” of years, thus totaling 490 years of history.)

Jesus Christ fulfilled this prophecy when he was crucified after the 69th week, just as Daniel had prophesied in verses 25 and 26: “Know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks…And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off.”

The commandment to rebuild Jerusalem was by the Decree of Artaxerxes, the king of Persia. The Book of Ezra records this Decree: “And even I Artaxerxes, the king, do make a decree to all the treasurers which are beyond the river, that whatsoever Ezra the priest, the scribe of the law of the God of heaven, shall require of you, it be done speedily.” – Ezra 7:21. According to Stephen E. Jones in his book, The Secrets of Time, this decree was made in the year 458 B.C. Therefore, 458 BC plus 490 equals 33 AD. This is the year that many reckon was the year of Christ’s crucifixion, with April 4 being the Passover of that year. The Book of Daniel (9:26) tells us that Messiah would be “cut off” some time during the last week of years, which, historically could only be the years 26-33 AD. Sixty-nine and one-half weeks of years is 69.5 * 7. This equals 486 and one-half years. So, if we add 486.5 to 458 B.C, we get 29 or 30 A.D. depending upon which half of the year the original decree was made. (Since there is no such thing as a year zero, we proceed from 1 B.C. directly to 1 A.D. When crossing over, we have to add 1 year to any such calculation.) This prophecy of the middle of the last week puts us right in the ballpark of the time of Jesus Christ’s baptism by John, for the Gospels tell us that He was about thirty years of age when He was baptized. Verse 27 says, “And he{Messiah} shall confirm the Covenant with many {not all!!!} for one week: and in the midst of the week He shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease.” Daniel’s prophecy tells us that the “midst of the week” would be the beginning of His public ministry, culminating in the crucifixion.

To summarize, the last week from 26-33 AD is the week that He confirms the Covenant with some of His people, Israel; and from His Baptism on, His specific mission is to cause the sacrifices and oblations to cease. In other words, the time from His baptism to His death on the cross was spent specifically to abolish the priestly rituals of animal sacrifice. It was during this time that Messiah confronted the scribes and Pharisees, the reigning priesthood that conducted these rituals. So, just as He was “cut off,” so were the sacrifices and oblations “cut off,” NEVER TO BE PERFORMED AGAIN! Isn’t it strange that Christian Zionists await the day that the Jews “rebuild the Temple” and start practicing the blood rituals again? Not understanding these Scriptures, the Judeo-Christians, along with the rebellious Jews, seek to countermand the wishes of Yahweh God!!! Incredible!

In terms of this analysis of Zodiacal symbolism, it is obvious that the Cross is the symbol of the Messiah being “cut off.” The symbol of the Cross reminds us again of the scales of Libra, whose balancing point symbolizes the fulcrum of history, as time itself, B.C. and A.D. (Anno Dominae, meaning “year of our Lord”), is reckoned according to His coming. Indeed, Jesus Christ is the focal point of history. His death on the cross performed two specific functions: 1.) To redeem His people from the effects of Adam and Eve’s sin in the Garden and 2.) To abolish the ritual sacrifices, along with its priesthood. Indeed, no true Israelite priests ever practiced these rituals again, since, under John Hyrcanus and Herod, the Edomite Jew Pharisees had replaced the Judahite Israelite priests of Levi.

Contrary to the false teachings of the Dispensationalists and other Judeo-Christians, the last three and one-half years of Daniel’s 70 weeks has nothing to do with the anti-Christ appearing during the last 3.5 years before the Judgment Day. These verses say absolutely nothing about the end-times nor anything about “7 years of tribulation.” The last 3.5 years of Daniel’s prophecy refers specifically to Yahshua Messiah’s 3.5 year public ministry. Having been baptized by John at the age of 30, Jesus officially became our High Priest, for an Israelite had to be 30 years of age before he could become a priest. From Baptism to Crucifixion, Yahshua was the reigning High Priest and heir to the throne of Judah, which had been usurped by Herod.

The Dispensationalists falsely teach that the “prince” of verse 26 is the “anti-Christ” of the “final three and a half years of tribulation.” Aside from the fact that these verses say absolutely nothing about the anti-Christ, the “prince” referred to is none other that Titus, the Roman general who did, in fact, destroy Jerusalem and the Temple (“the city and the sanctuary“). The Dispensationalists have fabricated this pseudo-prophecy in order to justify an end-times purpose for the literal city of Jerusalem, this being the justification for the Jews (posturing as Israel) returning to Jerusalem under the Zionists. The reality is that the city of Jerusalem had served its purpose. That’s why Yahweh allowed Titus to destroy it.

Jesus Himself placed a curse upon the city of Jerusalem, saying, “Behold, your house is left unto you desolate. For I say unto you, Ye [inhabitants of Jerusalem] shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is He who cometh in the Name of Yahweh.” Do you think the current inhabitants of the city of Jerusalem, the Jews, are going to invoke the Holy Name which they say is too holy for them to utter? The city of Jerusalem is still under this curse. Unless and until the inhabitants thereof learn to praise the Name of Yahweh and Yahshua, who came in His Name, it will remain cursed.

Second Decan. Lupus, the Victim of the Centaur

Presently depicted as a slain wolf, named Lupus, it was more anciently depicted in the Arab tradition as a sheep or lamb. In the Coptic and Egyptian traditions, the constellation symbolizes Horus, whose life was beset with victimization and sacrifice. The meaning is again Messianic: Jesus Christ depicted as the sacrificial lamb.

Third Decan. Corona, The Crown

This constellation is known as Corona Borealis. The crown is the sign of the Redeemer at his second coming. Of course, at His First Advent, He received the crown of thorns, symbolizing humanity’s rejection of Him and His timeless message of selfless Love, obedience to the Commandments of the Law and responsible citizenship.

The three decans of Libra tell the story of the Cross, the Victim, and the Crown. The coronation aspect of the story has yet to be told. That will not happen until the Judgment Day.


Constellation III. Scorpio

The sign of the Scorpion symbolizes conflict. The scorpion is a venomous, vicious and fearless foe. In the Arabian tradition, Al Akrab means both scorpion and conflict. The conflict that is being addressed here is the conflict between good and evil. The dark red star in the center of this constellation is Antares. Antaresmeans “the wounding.” It also means “the tearing,” as in the “tearing of the flesh” and also represents “being torn between good and evil.” The Zodiacal conflict is that which exists between Lucifer, with his fallen angels and earthly hordes, and Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, with His people, True Israel. No doubt it also means the moral conflict existing between selfishness and selflessness within all of us.

The Scorpion was given the power to pierce the side of Christ while he hung on the cross, although this act was done after Christ had already died. Due to the lack of blood flow, the Roman soldier who did the piercing ascertained that Jesus’ heart had stopped beating. According to the tradition, at the exact moment of Christ’s expiration, an earthquake occurred which vertically tore in half the great curtain of the Temple. In Old Testament times, whenever a person was afflicted by great sorrow or torment, he or she would symbolically tear their clothing. The tearing of the great curtain in the Temple symbolizes God’s rending of His own mantle. It may also symbolize the dividing of time, as mentioned above.


First Decan. Serpens, the Serpent

Serpens, the serpent, is shown struggling with Ophiucus. Serpens is depicted as a snake stretching out to grab Corona, the crown, from the previous decan. The serpent wants this crown for itself; but Ophiucus is holding the serpent back, preventing it from reaching the crown. The brightest star of this pictograph isAlyah, embedded in the serpent’s neck, meaning “the accursed.” The same star is also called Unuk, which means “the encompassing,” presumably representing the serpent’s great influence and power. The Bible confirms this imagery by identifying Satan as “the prince of this world.” (John 12:31)

Second Decan. Ophiuchus, the Serpent Holder

Ophiucus is said to be lifting up one foot, as if recoiling from the sting of this serpent, while at the same time, he is trying to crush the head of the serpent. This is an exact depiction of Genesis 3:15, where the serpent is told by Yahweh, “..and it [the seed of the woman, meaning the Adamic bloodline] shall bruise thy[Nachash, the serpent in the Garden] head, and thou shalt bruise his heel [this refers to the seedline of Cain, and his offspring, the Jewish people, who have historically pursued the Adamic race and bruised us from behind like a snake]. I recently obtained a copy of the Revised English Bible, a combined effort of the Oxford University Press and the Cambridge University Press. Here is that translation of Gen. 3:15: “I shall put enmity between you and the woman, between your brood and hers. They will strike at your head, and you will strike at their heel.” The imagery of Ophiucus and Serpens is in 100% agreement with this prophecy.

The symbolism of these two figures is a constant reminder of the historical conflict between God and Satan. In Greek and Roman mythology, Ophiucus is known as Aesculapius, the god of healing. This is, of course, another Messianic presentiment, for Jesus Christ became eminent for His Miraculous healing abilities well before He became known for His religious ethics and philosophy.

Third Decan. Hercules

Hercules is depicted kneeling on his right knee and holding a club in his right hand. In his left hand he is holding a three-headed serpent which he is about to crush with the club. Rev. 16:13 speaks of a three-headed monster composed of the Dragon, the Beast and the False Prophet. The Dragon is, of course, Satan, with his legion of Fallen Angels. The Beast is Mystery Babylon, the global empire of usury economics, headed by the Jewish House of Rothschild, and the False Prophet represents ecumenism, and its subtle attempt to blend the world’s religions into one syncretistic movement, which, in turn, eliminates from the biblical equation the necessity for the return of the Messiah. In Biblical contradistinction to this syncretism, Jesus said, “No one comes to the Father but through me.” (John 14:6.) Those who refuse to recognize Yahshua Messiah as the Son of God will be destroyed. Undoubtedly, this warning will fall on deaf ears when it comes to the Jews, who have steadfastly denied and degraded Christ for the last 2,000 years. Those who falsely equate Israel with the Jews still hold out the absurd hope that the Jews will soon miraculously convert, en masse, to Christianity and give up their worldly empire of money and deceptive religion. Since they have no idea about the two seedlines, they cannot identify the anti-Christ.

The left foot of Hercules is also in the position of crushing the head of the serpent, Draco, the Dragon. Of course, we all know the legend of Hercules as the all-conquering hero, half god, half human. In this decan, the original Messianic significance of Hercules is revealed and the prophecy of Genesis 3:15 is captured in a stellar picture.

Constellation IV. Sagittarius, the Archer

I beheld a white horse; and he that sat on him had a bow; and he went forth conquering and to conquer.” – Rev. 19:11. Here we have another centaur; but this centaur carries a bow instead of a spear. His arrow is aimed at the Scorpion of the previous constellation. According to Seiss, “In the Indian sacred books there is a tenth avatar predicted, when Vishnu, the second in the divine Triad, is to come as a man on a white horse, overthrowing his enemies and rooting out all evil from the earth.” In Saggitarius, the rescuing hero, riding in on a white horse, is utterly victorious. There is no human frailty or sacrificial mission suggested, as in the previous heroes. He has a very specific mission: to “kill the beast.” Saggitarius is, therefore, a premonition of the Second Advent, at which time Jesus Christ returns “in power and great glory” and not as the sacrificial lamb of the First Advent. “And I saw heaven opened, and behold a White Horse; and He that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.” (Rev. 19:11.) So much for the “we are all forgiven” nonsense of the Christian peace-niks!! I really do wonder what version of the bible they are reading from!!

Interestingly, the bow of this archer is aimed directly at the Galactic Center. In Mayan mythology, as interpreted by the current field of glyph translators, the end of this age is to come from a major blast of energy from the Galactic Center. The Mayan End Date occurs on Dec. 21, 2012, a date on which our Sun will eclipse the Galactic Center at the intersection of the Galactic Plane and Ecliptic, which is the rotational plane of our solar system. Without a picture to demonstrate this astronomical event, I will therefore try to explain: In other words, the Sun will be right in the crosshairs of these two intersecting planes (the plane of our Galaxy and the plane of our Solar System), thus directly in front of the Galactic Center. This event will form an imaginary Cross in the Sky. Our Galaxy is visible to us as the Milky Way, so it is easy to visualize the Galactic Plane by observing the Milky Way in the night sky. With this astronomical information, Sagittarius could then be seen as pointing, not just at the Galactic Center, but also to the Mayan End Date.

The plane of our Solar System’s ecliptic is about 25 degrees off of the Galactic Plane. This means, simply, that our Solar System is tilted against the Galactic Plane; and this is what forms the imaginary Cross or X in the Sky. The Sun will be Dead Center in this X on December 21, 2012. According to astronomers, this is an extremely rare event, happening only once every 33 million years!!! For an explanatory blog, click here:


First Decan. Lyra, the Harp

Lyra, the Harp, is a pictograph of a harp being borne by an eagle. In the Old Testament, the harp is the symbol of King David. David was a type of Messiah. In fact, David was the prototype of the warrior-king, the all-conquering hero. Although he was hated by many people, especially by Saul, out of pure jealousy, there is none of the sacrificial lamb symbolism in the life and personality of David. He achieved fame in the known world by slaying Goliath. He led, by all accounts, the charmed life, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat on numerous occasions in order to achieve power. After assuming sovereignty, he proceeded to build an empire for which his successor, his son Solomon, achieved even greater fame and wealth.

The star Vega is part of this constellation. It is the brightest star in the northern hemisphere, and Vegameans “He shall be exalted, the warrior triumphant.”

Second Decan. Ara, the Altar

Ara is pictured as an altar upon which is a funeral pyre. The symbolism here suggests that the worldly empires of mortal men, which are always founded upon the ruthless persecution of the people, will be totally consumed by fire. There are numerous such biblical prophecies, including the prophecy of the battle of Armageddon. The 8th beast in the Book of Revelation is described as an empire of merchants (Chapter 18), and what we see today is the triumph of international commerce over the nation-states. Many corporations have a larger gross “national” product than some third world countries; and their economic interests override the interests of sovereign nations. The World Trade Organization and international treaties like GATT and NAFTA emphasize the bottom line to the detriment of wages, unions, the environment, health, the rights of citizens and even national borders. The “global community of nations” is just a soft-sell for the Empire of Oil, Banking, Big Pharma, and War-Mongers, all led by the 8th Beast, which is none other than the House of Rothschild Banking Syndicate. (Rev. 18 , 19 & 20).

The United Nations was organized by a committee headed up by Nelson Rockefeller and Alger Hiss, the convicted Soviet spy. This beast is being passed off to humanity as the “solution to all of man’s problems.” In reality, it is the “beast that deceiveth the whole world.” (Rev. 6:12.) The United Nations Organization has fooled the world into thinking that “global governance” will finally establish “peace.” But this “peace” is of the type concocted by corporate moguls and government bureaucrats, i.e. George Orwell’s Corporate Police State. This Corporate Police State is what totally botched the Hurricane Katrina “rescue” operation. It is such corporate/socialist entities to which we are supposed look upon as our “security.”

Modern people are comforted by the thought that humanity is presently more civilized than it was in the days of ancient Rome and Babylon – this is the standard teaching in the universities — but the 20th Century was demonstrably the most violent in all of history, and the 21st isn’t shaping up any better. The more power we give the UN, the less democratic politics becomes. Corporate Global Tyranny is sold to a gullible public in the name of “democracy” and “peace.” College professors and bureaucrats are in love with this system because it provides their curriculum, their paychecks, plus benefits and a pension.

Third Decan. Draco, the Dragon

Draco, the Dragon, is a large constellation in the northern sky whose body coils half way around the Pole Star in Ursa Minor. As such, Draco represents Lucifer who took with him one-third of the heavenly host in his rebellion. “And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon…And his tail drewthe third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth.” (Rev. 12:3-4.) Is it a coincidence that Draco incorporates one-third of the night sky, or was this constellation deliberately designed so as to represent Lucifer, thus matching the imagery of the book of Revelation?

As previously mentioned, the left foot of Hercules is in position to crush the head of Draco. Presumably this will happen at the Second Coming or on the Judgment Day. The names of the various stars in this constellation confirm our suspicions: Al Waid, which means “he who is to be destroyed;” Grumian, “the deceiver;” Thuban, “the subtle;” Rastaban, “the head of the subtle.” Once again, we see that the message of the Adamic Mazzaroth, the Gospel in the Sky, is inextricably linked with that of the Bible.

Constellation V. Capricorn, the Goat

Capricorn is not just a goat. The pictograph shows another dual animal, in this case that of a two-horned goat in a supine position, whose body tapers into that of a fish. According to Seiss, “...this goat is fallen down in the attitude of dying. His one leg is doubled under his body, and the other is powerless to lift him up. His head is drooping and sinking in death.” The biblical definition of the scapegoat is given at Leviticus 16:5-10.

The Messianic sacrifice is again symbolized with the additional representation of the fish tail. Translated, this means that, out of the scapegoat’s death, life is given to the fish; and the meaning of the fish is represented more clearly in the next two signs, Aquarius and Pisces. In the Babylonian tradition, Capricorn was called the “Father of Light.” Fittingly, Jesus is referred to His followers as “the light of this world.” Two of the stars in this constellation are Gedi (the “Jedi” knights of Star Wars?) and Dabih, whose names mean “sacrificial death.”


First Decan. Sagitta, the Arrow

Sagitta is the arrow which kills the Christ. It signifies Christ’s death on the cross. But in Christian symbolism, it also signifies “the death of death itself,” for Jesus came to show us how to achieve eternal life. The body is killed but not the soul which, according to Christian theology, has been awakened to its immortal destiny.

Second Decan. Aquila, the Eagle

Aquila is depicted as a wounded and falling eagle. There are three large stars in this asterism. They are Al Tair, which means “the wounded,” Al Cair, which means “wounded in the heel,” and Al Okab, which means “the scarlet-colored, covered in blood.” The names of these three stars accurately describe the Messiah’s sacrifice on the Cross.

Third Decan. Delphinus, the Dolphin

The dolphin represents one of the most lively and energetic creatures of the sea. It is precisely this living fish that emerges from the body of the dying goat. Delphinus, therefore, represents Christianity in all its vibrant energy, especially early on, when it struggled through the Roman persecutions. As we all know, from Nero to Diocletian, the Romans could not exterminate Christianity. Then Constantine, whose mother was Helen of Wales, a devout Christian of British descent, made Christianity the state religion. However, the religion that resulted, Catholicism, was an early form of universalism, preaching Christ but actively engaging in blatant imperialism. The city of Rome was eventually sacked by the Germanic tribes (a branch of Anglo-Saxon Israel), which later also converted to Christianity, thus demonstrating the relentless energy of the irrepressible dolphin.


Constellation VI. Aquarius, the Water-Bearer

If any man thirst, let him come to me and drink.” – John 7:37.

This water which flows out of the urn of Aquarius can only be the Gospel according to Jesus Christ. Whatever failings and shortcomings True Israel has had in either understanding or in implementing this Gospel, the fact is that billions of people have been influenced by His teachings because of the activism of the faithful Anglo-Saxon preachers. There is no doubt that His teaching has been the most persuasive and widespread of any religious teacher in history. Aquarius is the symbol of this legacy. The Sermon on the Mount declared that compassion must take the place of vengeance, that humility must take the place of pride, that those who presume to lead should instead serve, that the rich should give generously to the poor. Needless to say, the ruling classes did not care for this message, for their power was/is maintained by a combination of superstition and oppression.

First Decan. Pisces Australis, the Southern Fish

The great fish, Pisces Australis, is positioned exactly at the end of the water stream which is pouring out of the urn of Aquarius. The symbolism is obvious: Dispersed Israel – not the presumed “Gentiles” — drinking in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, “the life-giving waters.” It is the Gospel as received and spread by the Anglo-Saxon people (the Israelites of the Dispersion to whom the Apostles were sent). We, Anglo-Saxon Israel, are His Witnesses (Isa. 43:10.) — not the mongrelized Jews, who have never witnessed for the Messiah, nor for that matter, the Old Testament, which is not a Jewish work. This historical fact of who God’s true witnesses are clearly demonstrates the extent to which perpetual fraud has been staged by these people, the Jews. The Jews have witnessed only for the Talmud (the traditions of men), which falsely claims to be based on the Old Testament. Their delusional claim to being “God’s Chosen” is clearly belied by history, for they have NEVER witnessed for the Holy Bible, nor have they been a “blessing” to any nation in which they have sojourned. They have only witnessed for themselves, posturing as the authors of the books of the Bible but secretly keeping to themselves the Talmudic interpretations which belie the Holy Scriptures. God does not work in secret. Only a deceiver has to work behind the scenes, for fear of being caught in his devices. Likewise, the Jewish people have helped themselves to our bounty by stealing it from us through usury, war-mongering, nepotism, and fraudulent business practices.

Second Decan. Pegasus, the Winged Horse

This is the third horse symbol, although the first two were centaurs. According to Seiss, “The fables say that this wonderful horse sprang into being from the slaying of Medusa by Perseus; that he was called Pegasus, Horse of the Fountain, because he first appeared near the springs of the ocean…” One can readily picture Pegasus flying off, bringing the Gospel from one nation into another. In the various languages of the ancient world, the different names for Pegasus carry similar meanings: Homan, the waters; Markab, the returning;Scheat, who goes and returns; Pega, the chief returning in victory. There is no doubt, at least not in my mind, that this is the “white horse” of the Book of Revelation, which symbolizes the victory of Jesus Christ over the forces of Anti-Christ.

Third Decan. Cygnus, the Swan.

In various Greek myths, such as those of Appollo, Poseidon and Ares, each of these figures had a son who was either killed or about to be killed. (These myths are reminiscent of the “scapegoat” story of Abraham and his son, Isaac. (Gen. 22:1-18.) The Messianic context of that story is obvious: Jesus Christ came to be the willing scapegoat for us, dying a thousand deaths through His torture and humiliations for our redemption.) In each case, the body of the dying victim was transformed into a swan and took flight to escape. The Swan obviously symbolizes the Ascension of Christ into heaven. The star names and meanings are: Deneb, the Lord or Judge to come; Fafage, shining forth; Adige, flying swiftly. Like Pegasus, Cygnus carries the Gospel into the future and into all nations. In both cases, the Gospel is almost literally flyingacross the world; and nothing can stop these two messengers. The death of Christ set the religious world ablaze. News of His life, death, resurrection and mission spread like a California brushfire.

It is possible that Pegasus and Cygnus represent the Two Witnesses of Revelation. They may have found their incarnation in the Eastern and Western Churches, the Orthodox in the east and the Roman – including the Reformation – in the west. In my analysis of the Book of Revelation, I postulate that the Two Witnesses are, in fact, the Old and New Testaments as presented to the world in the form of the “little book,” namely the Bible in printed form. These two Witnesses were metaphorically “killed” for a period of three and a half years, which was a lull in the Great Reformation Movement, from the Second Lateran Council until the very day that Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses onto the door of the Wittenberg church on Oct. 31, 1517. [Here is a link to that article: ]

Paul predicted that near the end of the age there would be a great apostasy, or turning away from the Gospel, just before the return of Jesus Christ. We have been witnesses to this apostasy, as Hollywood, Wall Street and Big Government have succeeded in grounding these two messengers again today. Often, there is a dual fulfillment of prophecy. The Two Witnesses were prophesied to be “killed” by the forces of Anti-Christ and left to rot in the streets for all to witness. This message has been belittled and superseded by various forms of materialism, as the temptations of sex, drugs, wealth and commercialism are constantly pumped into our living rooms via television, radio and the print media. Although most Christians own a copy of the Bible, they rarely read it. It lies “dead” on their coffee tables, gathering dust, except on Sunday mornings when they have the Two Witnesses universally interpreted by the undertakers in their so-called “churches.”

At this late date (2007), we are witness to the de-Christianization of Christmas. It is no longer politically correct to say “Merry Christmas” in public. You have to say “Happy Holidays.” Doubtless, the commercialism of capitalism and the materialism of socialism and communism, together with the skepticism of the academics and “journalists,” have gnawed away at the Gospel, which must be considered as lying prostrate today before these anti-spiritual forces. Before the October Revolution in Russia, Our Lady of Fatima told the children there that if the world did not repent, communism would blight the planet. Obviously, these little children could not have known what communism was, but the message proved to be 100% correct.

Currently, the sex scandal in the Catholic priesthood is just one further example of this decline. The bishops have been more concerned with upholding their saintly image rather than doing anything about the irreparable harm being done to parish children. Of this future Church, Jesus says: “They will draw nigh unto me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.” Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear can determine that Christian piety is a thing of the past. Remember the days when Christians used to say grace in public restaurants? The decline is just as obvious currently within the Church hierarchy, where lip service is paid to the Gospel while warfare (“Support our troops in the name of G-d and in the name of patriotism”) and spiritual decline (Cabbala and the New Age Movement) are everywhere rampant and evident in the established churches.

Constellation VII. Pisces. The Fishes.

The two fishes of Pisces are pictured swimming in separate directions but joined to each other at the tails! As anticipated in the discussion of Cygnus and Pegasus, the two fishes may represent the schism between the Eastern and Western Churches. Another possible interpretation is that of the historical split between science and organized religion, since both are the invention of the True Chosen People, Anglo-Saxon Israel. Many of our people have abandoned organized religion because it has forsaken logic and reason, teaching fables such as the “Flood was global” or “Adam and Eve propagated all the races.” The White Race has led the way along these two divergent paths; but these two paths are being reconciled in Christian Identity, which embraces both science and a historical approach to the Bible. The False Dichotomy of Evolution Versus Creationism is being challenged by our historical approach to the Bible. Due to the false and silly interpretations of the Bible by the Judeo-Christian churches, the scientific establishment denies the validity of the Bible as history. Worse yet, the Creationists have created an assortment of nonsensical interpretations that fly in the face of legitimate geology, archeology and natural history. These two seemingly opposing camps are actually working for the same master, the anti-Christ.


First Decan. The Band

I doubt that many astrologers are aware of the fact that the two fishes of Pisces are tied to each other by a Band. Joseph Seiss tries to explain the meaning of the Band in terms of the Old Testament versus the New Testament. He did not discuss the possibility of the schism between Byzantium and Rome. The Old he calls the patriarchal church and the new he calls the Christian Church. Although he does not discuss Judaism, it is possible that the symbolism here represents Judaism’s attempt to hold Christianity back from achieving its destiny. The rabbinical priesthood, without exception, has historically rejected the Messiah; and they show no sign of recognizing Him any time soon. It is also possible that the Band simply represents the formalism of all established priesthoods that seeks to control the laity through rituals, pomp and circumstance. These displays are, of course, no substitute for righteousness. As such, all formal priesthoods are a hindrance to achieving righteousness and justice, because their main objective is self-preservation, not evolutionary spirituality and obedience to the Law.

In the Book of Revelation, such clericalism is condemned in the “Nicolaitanes.” The best way of putting this into perspective is to say that spirituality is something that is practiced from within. It is not something which is given to you by a priest, although there are sincere priests that can assist in this process. Often, the simplest people are the most saintly, like Mother Theresa or Jacob Boehme. Instead of getting hung up administering the affairs of a parish or synagogue, we should be exemplifying the Kingdom in our daily lives! Ironically, the priestly bureaucracy becomes the worst enemy of the Spirit because it is so firmly entrenched in its own material world of clericalism!

A Christian Identity interpretation is also worthy of consideration here. The two bands holding the fishes are anchored at the neck of Cetus, the sea monster. If the two streams represent Anglo-Saxon Israel versus universal Churchianity, the implication here is that both fishes are struggling to get away from Judaism, the religion of the Pharisees, which is an impostor to the claim of Mosaic origins. Judeo-Christianity is stalemated and sidetracked back by Judaism in the sense that it gives the Jews credit for being the “Israel of Scripture.” They (Judeo-Christianity) actually worship the Synagogue of Satan believing that they are “God’s chosen people.” Secular White Christendom has been held back by the same false belief, because many White Christians have been held back by this same false belief. Only Christian Identity has broken free of this tether.

Whatever the correct interpretation is, it is clear that the two fishes are being held back by Cetus, the Sea Monster. When we get to that decan of Aries, we will see if that imagery is helpful in solving this riddle.

Second Decan. Cepheus: the Crowned King

In Joseph Seiss’s poetic, yet slightly archaic language: “Who the friend and the protector of these Fishes is, the second accompanying side-piece also very sublimely shows. Here is the figure of a glorious king, wearing his royal robe, bearing aloft a branch or sceptre, and having on his head a crown of stars. He is calmly seated in the repose of power, with one foot on the solstitial colure, and the other on the pole-star itself, whilst his right hand grasps the Ribbons. Bearing with us what the Scriptures tell of the present exaltation and glory of Jesus Christ, we here behold every particular so completely and thrillingly embraced that the picture stands self-interpreted.

It is “self-interpreted” if you understand what all of the symbols mean!! To Seiss, Cepheus is Jesus crowned and enthroned. The crown of thorns is replaced by a crown of stars. (Rev., Chapter 12.) Cepheus means “the royal Branch.” Jesus is the heir to the throne of David, the Royal House of Judah. Cepheus is the representation of this victory. In this constellation, the star, Al Dermain, means “the quickly-returning.” (“Behold, I come as a thief.”) The star, Al Phirk, means “the shepherd.”

At this point I think it is fair to say that up to this point the decans of each sign have followed a symbolic progression. That progression is this: 1. The conflict between good and evil, which necessitates the coming of the Redeemer. The culmination of this conflict results in the First Advent. 2. The teachings of self-sacrifice and service as demonstrated by Jesus in His ministry. Personal and spiritual healing and compassion for others are major ingredients of this teaching. In addition, the propitiation of our sins and errors is also emphasized, while forgiveness of our ignorance, arrogance and rebellion are obtained through His way. Too many people think of themselves as just, fair, and compassionate, yet they balk at self-sacrifice or leaving their comfort zone to help others. (See Matthew 25:31-46.) 3. The ultimate triumph of Jesus at the Second Advent. The Gospel in the sky, thus interpreted, can mean only one thing: Jesus is coming in a blaze of glory just as the Book of Revelation says. Only this time He will rule over us using God’s Law. He is not about to sacrifice Himself again. This time we will have to choose between God and Satan (Good versus Evil). In practical terms, it’s the difference between being subject to the current Empire of Decadence and Deceitversus the Kingdom of God. It is Truth versus Lies. Too few of our people are able to see that both religion and politics are controlled by deceivers who pretend to represent the people when, in reality, politicians and priests are merely puppets working for the Beast (the House of Rothschild) and the False Prophet (ecumenism).

The parable of the wheat and the tares (Matthew, Chapter 13) tells us what will happen at the Judgment Day. Contrary to the prevailing notion that presently infests Churchianity, namely, that God will not punish the evildoers of this world (“We are all saved” by merely believing in Jesus), the tares (the evil ones) will be harvested first and will be burned in the lake of fire. Then the wheat (the good and faithful ones) will be harvested and the Kingdom will be given to them. If only to accentuate the brink of the precipice on which we totter, we have entered the atomic age. At the beginning of the atomic age, only two nations had The Bomb. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, anybody with a couple thousand dollars can buy a “suitcase bomb” on the black market. Considering the nature of terrorism in world politics today, any similar type of event could precipitate World War III, if Bush and the “Neo-Conservatives” haven’t done so already. Who would want to do such a thing? The Israeli State has threatened to do exactly that. International Zionism has too much to lose.

Many commentators on the morality of the human race have stated that we have progressed scientifically, but we have not progressed morally. This can hardly be debated. Scholarly intellectuals like to believe that “reason” will prevail, but the fact is that conflict is everywhere. Divorced from Yahweh, these pundits of the professions offer only additional failure and frustration to us, for their plans and schemes are not of God.

In spite of the glowing “we all want peace” rhetoric of the politicians, those in positions of political leadership are guided and motivated by greed, personal ambition and power, not by any universal sense of justice. The economics of oil and international finance force these same politicians to serve other ideals (power, money, commerce) besides the public good. The 60-year conflict in the Middle East shows just how fragile Man’s Peace is. Both sides claim to worship the same God! But the all-important question, as to who and what God is, is viewed through radically different eyes. For us, Christian Israel, the two extremes of choice are obvious: the Gospel of Dominance versus the Gospel of the Kingdom. In the personal realm, the conflict is between egotism and selfishness versus self-sacrifice and fellowship. The Gospel in the sky is telling us that God has given us a certain amount of time to try it our way and that time is running out.

Jesus Christ came to us and delivered His message to us, True Israel, so that we would have 2,000 years to absorb it, understand it, and try to implement it. If we fail to do so, then we are in Big Trouble. Armageddon looms in the background. Only a blind optimist can deny that the world is today more fragile politically than it has ever been. In spite of all of the “diversity” rhetoric, the politics of special interests has accentuated the differences between groups rather than our common interests! The politics of blame is everywhere. Whitey always gets the blame and Jewry always takes credit for things that we, Christian Israel, have accomplished. No person or group wants to take responsibility for their own actions. Blame the Whites! Blame the Blacks! Blame the Republicans! Blame the Democrats! Blame the Catholic Church! Blame the Arabs! Where there is no Truth, there can be no Peace! Do you seriously believe that the unelected, corporate bureaucrats of the United Nations, led by Zionist Jews, will give us peace?

Third Decan. Andromeda

Andromeda is pictured as a woman in chains. In Greek mythology she is called the “man-ruler,” but in the context of Scripture, she can only be the Bride of Christ. In the Book of Revelation, the purpose of Christ’s Second Coming is twofold. First, he comes to judge the evil in the world. Second, he comes to marry his bride, the Bride of Christ (Christian Israel). The orthodox, established church has long claimed to be this Bride, but it is apparent that this church is not living up to its claims. In fact, since this orthodox church is in the throes of the Great Apostasy, she is actually the Great Whore of Revelation, speaking in the name of Christ, but accepting every foul spirit under the sun, including homosexuality, witchcraft, abortion, communism – you name it. These churches, rather than teaching the True Gospel of the Kingdom, are more involved in glorifying their own authority and their own traditions. Jeremiah 5:31 and 2 Peter 2:1 warn us that organized religion will consist of priests who teach falsely. Jesus warned us on many occasions of “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” This is the same False Prophet that we encounter in the Book of Revelation. Modernism and ecumenism have transformed the fire and brimstone Christianity of the ages into the “we are all saved” nonsense of the current era.

The Maiden in Chains, Andromeda, can only be a reference to White Christendom, as we are presently becoming known as Christian Israel. She has been bound by chains of false teaching. She is the Snow White whose wicked stepsisters, Judaism and Judeo-Christianity, are trying to prevent her from going to the Ball (the Wedding Feast of the Lamb). The second chapter of Hosea, I believe, perfectly describes this woman, who is prisoner of her own devices.

(We live in the era of the “Me Generation,” and church services have become little more than pep rallies for the status quo. “Support our troops” even if the war is unjust! It appears that a great spiritual revival among all people of faith is in order; and this seems to be coming from an inner urge of those seeking truth and justice, not from the pulpits of ecclesia, media, and academia. What we have – at least in the West — is a severe case of cultural chauvinism presuming itself to be technologically and morally superior. The presumption is correct in the former but false in the latter. We criticize Muslims for forcing their women to wear veils while our own women expose themselves and become lapdancers, showgirls and harlots for strip clubs that are located in every city in this nation. Many parents, infatuated with worldly fame and fortune, train their children, from an early age, to be stage props. The Jon-Benet Ramsey case is the most famous. As these aspiring children grow older, they become couch cast in the demonic, Babylonian business empire of Hollywood. Do you really think that the Muslim world wants their women to act LIKE THAT? This is how America appears to the rest of the world. Is that what DEMOCRACY means to you? A major shift in consciousness is in order for all of us. The world looks at America and sees our abject materialism. To make the Apostasy more sure, the sycophantic churches have capitulated to the Zionist war machine. It is really quite disgusting. Then, this sideshow barker acts morally superior to those who refuse to sample his gaudy merchandise!)

In 1882, Seiss had a glimmering of this future conflict emanating from within the Church, but he does not realize, nor could he have equated, the Church of his day with the Great Apostasy (the “falling away” from the Gospel of the Kingdom — II Thes. 2:3) of Paul, for that trend was just beginning within the Christian Church of his day. Throughout, he maintains a steady faith in a Church which is true to the principles of Jesus Christ. We have to ask: “Where is this Church?” Where is its influence? In my opinion, only Christian Identity is true to both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Andromeda represents the “weak, the broken-down, the afflicted.” Everywhere politicians pay lip service to the poor and afflicted, but behind that thin veneer, they serve the rich and powerful. The politician’s true ambition is to stay well-connected. Everywhere clerics pay lip service to the ideal of a One World Religion but they are unwilling and unable to throw off the shackles of their own dogma to understand the simple teaching of the Covenants and the Promises made to True Israel. Andromeda represents the downtrodden and afflicted people of White Christendom, who are being blamed for all the evils of the world while paying the tax bill for the failures of diversity, globalism and socialism. Andromeda is none other than Christian Israel.

How will Andromeda break free of her chains?

Constellation VIII. Aries, the Ram.


The oldest signification is not a ram, but a lamb. Aries means “the chief, the head.” The Syriac name,Amroo, means “the lamb.” In the Arabic, Al Hamal means “the sheep, the gentle, the merciful.” Jesus Christ is, of course, the Lamb of God. In the myth of Nephele, Aries was the ram to which her two children clung while making their escape from their evil stepmother who was trying to kill them. They escaped in the nick of time. Nephele means cloud and this concept is alluded to at Hebrews 12:1. There, Paul states: “Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.” Here, this “cloud of witnesses” is a reference to both living and departed Israelites. This is an idiom of Hebrew origin which means a large gathering or a crowd.

It is used in this same manner at Mat. 24:30, Mark 13:26, I Thes. 4:17, II Peter 2:17, and Jude 12. Lacking this symbolic meaning for the word ‘cloud,’ many Fundamentalists have fallen victim to the literal Rapture Theory, based on I Thess. 4:17, which they believe means being phsyically removed from the earth’s surface, just before or during the Great Tribulation. It means NO such thing. Scripture repeatedly tells usthat we will be refined through tribulation as in the refiner’s fire. Those who wish to avoid this refining process are nothing but cowards, I dare say!

In the Book of Revelation (1:7), we are told that Jesus Christ will come in the clouds in great glory to rescue us from the Evil One. These “clouds” are His angels, who will accompany Him; and we are his “cloud” of witnesses here on earth, who will assist in judging the world and routing all evil from off the face of the earth. Who are these evil ones? The evil ones are those who pretend to be virtuous while serving their own interests, those self-serving hypocrites of Luke 12:1: “Beware the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy!” We have yet to be rescued from the hypocrisy of the various priesthoods, especially the hypocrisy of the rabbinate, which claims to be based on the Old Testament but which is really the Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2:9 and 3:9.) Aries is Jesus, represented as the leader and rescuer of His people, Israel, and also as the leader of the angelic cavalry (“clouds”) that save us from the antagonists (false evangelists) who have created this Matrix of Deceit.

Consider how Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself for us. He was trying to teach us to give up our selfish desires in favor of the Kingdom. That’s what the Ten Commandments are all about. People pay lip service to these ideals but lack the faith that their own lives will be better served if they follow the example of Yahshua Messiah and practice the family-oriented unselfishness of the Kingdom of the White (Adamic) Race. This is the only possible realization of the prophetic “kingdom of priests.” The teachings of the saints are lost upon this materialistic world. And now, right on cue, the Ten Commandments are being outlawed in the name of “separation of church and state” when the Constitution specifically tells us that the government is not to hinder, in any way, our religious freedom. While this Constitutional debate rages in the sphere of politics, the “churches” of Judeo-Christianity remain abjectly silent, like a dog with its tail between its legs. (Rev. 22:14) The government is doing exactly the opposite of promoting liberty, and, for now, these hypocrites rule!!! We must be a very predictable people, because Paul’s prophecy of the Great Apostasy is right on target! Is there any hope for this insane world?

First Decan. Cassiopeia, the Woman Enthroned

In contrast to Andromeda, Cassiopeia is found sitting comfortably on a throne. In one hand she holds a branch. If Cassiopeia represents the Bride of Christ, then, most assuredly, she is holding the symbol of her husband-to-be, Jesus Christ, the branch of David. She is enthroned because He is victorious. She comes back into the family of Yahweh by marriage. In addition to the meaning of enthronement, Cassiopeia also means “the delivered,” or “the rescued.” Various stars in this constellation have similar meanings.

Seiss relates the story of what was undoubtedly a supernova in Cassiopeia, in the Sixteenth Century:

About three hundred years ago there occurred in the constellation what was a great mystery to astronomers. A star, surpassing in brilliancy and splendor all the fixed stars, suddenly appeared on the tenth of November, 1572, and, after shining in continuous glory for sixteen months, disappeared, and has never since been seen….” Occurring in the sign of Cassiopeia, Seiss interprets the event as meaning that the Church will be caught up into the “invisible world.” He might be alluding to something like the Rapture theory, but, to me, that is not likely.

According to the symbolism of Cassiopeia, the sixteen month display of the supernova may represent – and I admit that I’m just guessing here — the ascendency of the Western Church, from the Edict of Toleration of Constantine in 310 A.D. If each month symbolizes a century of history, then we are taken to the year 1910, just prior the assassination of the Archduke, which was the trigger for WWI. From 310 to 1910, Christianity and civilization, despite many setbacks, blazed steadily brighter and brighter. 1910 saw a failed attempt by Jewish communists to overthrow the Czar of Russia, but it also set the stage for the successful coup that later occurred in 1917. In 1910, the Zionist puppet, Woodrow Wilson, was elected Governor of New Jersey. From that springboard, the international bankers promoted him into the Presidency in 1912. The year 1912 saw the sinking of the Titanic, which, in my opinion, symbolized the sinking of techno-scientific optimism. This is also, by the way, exactly 100 years before the Mayan End Date. 1913 saw the creation of the Federal Reserve System, the Income Tax Amendment and the Tax-Exempt Foundations. 1914 ushered in World War I, and the steady rise of Christian civilization was crushed by the war machine of internationalism. This internationalism has always had three faces: humanism, Zionism and communism.

There is no doubt that, in spite of humanistic arguments extolling the virtues of the “scientific age,” the Twentieth Century was the most violent and destructive in history. These were not religious wars. These were wars of political conquest, planned and financed by the House of Rothschild. Communism called itself “scientific materialism.” If the butchery of human beings can be called a science, then communism is, indeed, that science.

When this nightmare ends, Cassiopeia will be crowned. Cassiopeia is the Covenant People, Anglo-Saxon Israel, married to the Lamb.

Second Decan. Cetus, the Sea-Monster.

Cetus is located in the southern hemisphere, just below the ecliptic. As mentioned earlier, the two fishes of Pisces were attached to the neck of this beast by two tethers. These fishes are shown struggling to free themselves. Cetus is the sea monster which is trying to devour Andromeda. Within the throat of Cetus is a star named Mira, which means “the rebel.” There is a star exactly at the point where the two tethers of the fishes are attached to the neck of Cetus. That star is called Menkar. Menkar means “the chained enemy.” The apparent significance of this name is that the two fishes who are trying to get away are the intended victims of Cetus, who tries to subdue them and capture them. Located in the tail of the sea monster is the star, Diphda. Diphda means “the overthrown.”

So, the symbolism of Lucifer, the one who rebelled against God, is maintained in Cetus, in addition to his role as the one who tries to capture the Christian world in its two expressions: Christian Israel and Judeo-Christianity. The fact is that Christianity has always been promoted by the White Race. Queen Elizabeth I understood that the British people were a branch of the Israelite race. Most of the monarchs of Europe understood that they were direct descendants of the House of David. Queen Elizabeth II can trace her genealogy directly to King David. But White Christendom has largely forgotten her genetic inheritance as True Israel. Until the Missionary Movement spread to non-White nations, Christianity had always been a Euro-religion of the White Race. At the same time, Roman Catholicism has always promoted universalism, a religion which stands opposed to the Chosen People concept of Scripture. Hence, we have had these two forms of Christianity running parallel to each other down through the pages of history.

Also down through history, Satan and his Jewish minions have always tried to destroy White Christendom while they have promoted universalism as a false “gospel” for Christians to latch on to, like flypaper. The point of this deception is to get the White Race to forget her genetic heritage as True Israel, so that the Jews can cunningly disinherit us. Judeo-Christianity and Christian Zionism are the ultimate expressions of the White Race being duped into disenfranchising itself from the promises of the Covenants. This is the Jewish Master Plan of history to dispossess us, so that we will be prevented from inheriting the Kingdom. We know that this diabolical plan will fail, for Yahweh has ordained that His remnant will prevail against the forces of darkness. As Satan tries to mislead us and bring us under his spell, he has condemned himself to eternal oblivion.

Yahweh allows this process to continue so as to have a remnant of Israelites purified in the refiner’s fire who can then appreciate what the struggle is all about, namely, the establishment of God’s government through having the law written in our hearts. Only Christian Israel can accomplish this. This is our specific mission on this planet. The House of Rothschild will nearly succeed in overthrowing us, but Yahweh will not permit this. He will use their deeds as evidence to demonstrate to those, with eyes to see and ears to hear, that the fallen ones will be judged for their irredeemable spirit of rebellion. Their judgment will proceed according to the Book of Obadiah.

Third Decan. Perseus, the Breaker

Perseus is shown as a warrior clasping a sword in his right hand. In his left hand he holds the head of Medusa, whom he has just slain. The Breaker has the power to break up the legions of darkness. He also breaks open the seals of Revelation, which detail how that Old Serpent, Lucifer, or Satan, is to be punished. In the myth of Perseus, it is said that after cutting off Medusa’s head, Perseus came upon Andromeda in her chains. He presented her with this proposition: “Marry me and I will free you.” Do you think she would say no? Does she realize who is proposing to her?

Think a moment. Will those of us who are wearing the chains of either materialism or false religion be capable of recognizing our own chains? Goethe’s words apply here: “None are more surely enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” If you don’t know you are in prison, why would you want to escape? This is the plight of most of Christendom, which believes the lies of the false priests, who teach that “believers are all saved.” Well, if you believe in a false gospel, your destruction, not salvation, is guaranteed. They can’t see the signs of the times and they don’t notice that the Titanic is sinking.

The evil tyrant, Phineus, tries to prevent the wedding of Perseus and Andromeda, so Perseus must overcome him as well. The imagery is apt. Perseus is Jesus at the Second Coming claiming his bride. Phineus is the Apostate Church, under the evil influence of Judaism, which only pays lip service to the Gospel of Peace and totally ignores the Gospel of the Kingdom. The mind-grip that Modern Orthodoxy has on the deceived people of planet earth is great. The world is deceived by flowery talk of peace by politicians and clergymen. Over and over, the Bible warns us, “Be not deceived.” Is anybody listening to this Scriptural voice that is crying in the wilderness of Judeo-Christianity?

Politicians, under the influence of the Zionists, exploit special interest groups, pitting one against another, using this as a tool to maintain power. The resulting chaos is then used as the justification for more dictatorship. Jesus tells us that just before the end of this world, “It will be as in the days of Noah.” The Bible describes those days as a perpetual orgy of self-indulgence. Can the accuracy of this comparison to today’s society be denied? At that time, God promised the Adamites and their mongrel offspring that He would destroy their portion of the world by a great flood if the rebellious ones did not repent. And He did. The next time, He promised, FIRE; and the destruction of the evil ones will be complete.

Constellation IX. Taurus, the Bull.

In the Judahite (not to be construed as Jewish), Aramaic translations of the Bible known as the Targums, Psalm 92:10 speaks of the exaltation of the unicorn. The horn of the Unicorn is the symbol of his power. The unicorn is the emblem of the Tribe of Joseph. Joseph became second-in-command to the Pharaoh of Egypt. Like Daniel after him, he was an interpreter of dreams and therefore a prophet. The eventual enslavement of the Tribes of Israel in Egypt and their subsequent escape are both prefigurements of the enslavement and release of the faithful in Christ. The actual animal represented in the Prophetic Mazzaroth is the reem, a now extinct ox. It is reported to have been as large as an elephant. The two horns of the reem represent Ephraim and Manasseh, Joseph’s two sons. These two sons would lead the tribes from their slavery in Egypt into the promised land. Since these two boys were both born and reared in Egypt, they were the most familiar with the lay of the land, so they prepared the way of escape. There is no doubt in my mind that the two boys are represented today as British Israel and American Israel, Ephraim and Manasseh. Britain gave us the Magna Carta. America gave us the Constitution of the United States. These, in addition to being statements of political ideals, are divinely inspired documents of freedom.

Egypt is symbolic of the slavery of materialism. Only a former slave can appreciate true freedom. Those who mistake the pleasures of materialism for freedom are still slaves. That’s why they are so unhappy. But since they have chosen to ignore their spiritual nature, they are incapable of solving their problems. Their apostasy, and their problems, continue to get worse until everything collapses. Symbolically, the two boys who are to lead us to the promised land epitomize unselfishness and compassion, or, perhaps better, service and obedience to the Laws of Yahweh.

Apparently there is a relationship between the Pleiades, a cluster of seven stars, to the Seven Churches of Revelation. These are the churches which are to be saved by riding on the back of Taurus, the reem. Some Bible scholars interpret the Seven Churches of Revelation as being a progression of seven stages of the Anglo-Saxon, Christian Church, from the early, courageous, vibrant, persecuted Church, through the Reformation, and eventually to the present lukewarm or apostate Church. Taurus thus symbolizes the indomitable spirit of Christianity marching through the timeline of history. It ain’t pretty, but it is the Divinely ordained progressive awakening of True Israel to her Identity and her destiny. There is nothing that can stop this Great Awakening of True Israel. If Cetus is the immovable object, then Taurus is the irresistible force. This is the force that will crush the head of the serpent. Jesus came to teach us the twin principles of obedience to Yahweh’s Commandments and of service to our fellow Israelites, our racial family. “I come not but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel.”

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor [fellow Israelite]as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” (Matt. 22:37-40.) Since Deut. 23:2 forbids us to mongrelize, there can be no other legitimate interpretation. The promoters of “diversity” and ecumenism will find out just how wrong they are, come the Judgment Day.

Yahshua was speaking here exclusively to the Israelites that dwelt in Judea. He then instructed the Apostles to take this message EXCLUSIVELY to the Dispersed of Israel. You can be sure that He was NOT speaking to Jews, because the Jews were trying to kill Him. (John 7:1) Even today, most Jews recoil at the mere mention of His Name, Jesus Christ. How can they be Israel? The notion is preposterous!!

First Decan. Orion, the Glorious Prince

Orion is an image very similar to that of Hercules. The difference is that Hercules had some human frailties. Orion does not. Orion is a pure hunter. In his right hand he holds a club. In his left he holds up the trophy head of a lion. According to E.W. Bullinger, “Orion was anciently spelt Oarion, from the Hebrew root, which means light. So that Orion means coming forth as light. The ancient Akkadian was Ur-ana, the light of heaven.” (from his book, The Witness of the Stars.) Orion is one of the few constellations mentioned by name in the Bible. In speaking of the divine creator of the heavens and earth, Job refers to the God “Which maketh Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades, and the chambers of the south.” – Chap 9, Vs. 9.

Stars of this group include Betelguese, meaning “the branch coming,” Rigel, “the foot that crusheth,”Bellatrix, “suddenly destroying,” and Al Mirzam, “the ruler.” The three stars of Orion’s belt are called “the three kings,” which is a reference to the Magi. The Magi brought three gifts to the infant, Jesus: gold, frankincense and myrrh. These were the gifts commonly given to a potential monarch. In Orion, the promised Kingdom and Rule of the Messiah is promised.

In their book, The Orion Mystery, with regard to the symbolism of the pyramid complex at Giza, Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert state: ” I at last understood that we were being told, in plain language, that the pyramid constructions were to be considered Osiris. As I already knew that the celestial form of Osiris was Sahu, and that this figure corresponded with our modern constellation of Orion, the pyramids were indeed Orion too. The text writers could not have made their intent plainer or more straightforward, and it substantiated my theory that the three pyramids of Giza were symbols of Orion’s Belt.

My next step was to find further visual evidence. I had a good photograph of the three stars of Orion’s Belt and was able to place it against the aerial shot of the three Giza pyramids. The correlation was stunning. Not only did the layout of the pyramids match the stars with uncanny precision but the intensity of the stars, shown by their apparent size, corresponded with the Giza group: there were three stars, three pyramids, three Osiris-Orion kings.” (p. 122-123.)

Not only that, but the Nile River lies in relationship to the three pyramids as the Milky Way corresponds to Betelgeuse, Bellatrix and Al Mirzam. Clearly, the builders of the pyramid complex were trying to tell us something. Remember, the Holy Family had to flee to Egypt to get away from the persecution of Herod. The children of Israel have numerous intimate direct and symbolic relationships to Egypt. The Great Pyramid and the priesthood of On are part of that legacy. ‘On’ is short for ‘Enoch.’ The priesthood of On was established a thousand years before the Israelites were taken captive in Egypt. The Egyptians called Enoch Hermes. Hermes was the Great Sage of Egypt and the priesthood of On was the Egyptian counterpart to the Sethite priesthood of ancient Britain, known to us as the Druids. It was this priesthood that built the monuments of Stonehenge, Avebury and Newgrange.

Jesus Christ refers to Himself as the “stone which the builders rejected.” (Luke 20:17.) Unlike all of the other known pyramids, the Great Pyramid lacks a Capstone. Jesus Christ is the Capstone of civilization which the earth has rejected. And like the Prophetic Mazzaroth, the Great Pyramid was also built as a prophetic monument, because the interior passageways are a prophetic timeline foretelling, like the Adamic Zodiac, the life and mission of Yahshua Messiah. I know that this sounds like an incredible statement, but it is true. The science of pyramidology is devoted to studying this timeline, which is represented by one inch of the passageways to one year of prophetic history. Hundreds of books have been written on this subject, but it, like most of ancient science, has been ignored by the Kosher establishment and secular academia, which have worked unceasingly to erase the ancient legacy of Adam and his descendants, of whom the most prominent was the Messiah. (Luke 3:22-38)

Since the subject of pyramidology is so vast, I will not speak much of it here. I invite you to do your own research. Pyramidology is a major part of the teachings of British Israel. It is just part of the legacy of Christian Israel. I will quote from Great Pyramid, Proof of God, by George R. Riffert, regarding the “invaders” who built the Great Pyramid:

This deep national hatred is of such significance that to know its cause will put us within range of the unknown builder of the Pyramid. Turning to the ancient writings we learn that during the reign of Cheops, Egypt was invaded by a great movement of foreign people from the East. So overwhelming was their advance that Cheops immediately surrendered and the country was conquered without a battle. Over them was a mysterious Stranger who exercised supreme authority. At his command, Cheops is said to have ordered all heathen temples and shrines closed and all idolatrous worship to cease. It was for this reason that he died a hated and despised ruler. What the complete suspension of worship meant for a people so abjectly idolatrous as were the Egyptians, can only be imagined. Under further authority of this Invader-King, who had taken up residence at Gizeh, Cheops ordered 100,000 of his people into the quarries to cut and haul stone which was to be used in the erection of the Great Pyramid. Upon completion of the structure, which required thirty years, this mysterious Stranger, we are told, left Egypt and built Salem, afterwards called Jerusalem. Who were these foreign invaders and who was this Stranger who built the Great Pyramid? They were Sethites, that is, descendants of Adams’ son, Seth, and their priestly rulers, the Shepherd Kings.” — p. 71.

Riffert goes on to identify this architect with Enoch, our ancestral patriarch.

To what extent the Three Wise Men were privy to this ancient knowledge and legacy I cannot say, but they certainly had to have had extensive astral knowledge, and quite possibly, knowledge of the Prophetic Mazzaroth. In an article entitled “More About the Magi,” we are told,

“The Magi were powerful members of one of the two assemblies which elected Parthian monarchs and wielded great influence within the empire [of Parthia]. One assembly was composed of members of the royal family (the Arsacids), and the other consisted of the priests (the Magi) and influential Parthians of non-royal blood (the Wise Men). The Magi and the Wise Men were jointly known as the Megistanes…The Greek word translated as ‘wise men’ is ‘magian,’ literally meaning ‘Persian astronomer or priest.’ Parthia had long governed all Persian territory at the time of Christ, and the Wise Men cited in the Bible were clearly members of the Megistanes – very high Parthian officials.” — from the October-December issue of “The Ensign Message,” p. 23-24, an exceprt from Steven Collins book, The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel…Found.

Although Collins falsely associates the Parthians with Jews, it is true that the Magi were Israelites of the Dispersion. That is why representatives of Parthia were allowed to participate in the Festival of Pentecost with the Apostles. The Jews, in fact, have absolutely no tradition whatsoever of being associated with the nation of Parthia. That is because the Jews are not, never have been, nor will they ever be, Israelites. They have been suppressing the history of Parthia for fear that we Adamites will discover our Israelite heritage in Parthia. The Jews are Edomites and Canaanites and Khazars, the three nations that have forever been at war with True Israel.

Second Decan. Eridanus: the Tortuous River

Its full name is Eridanus, the River of the Judge. It is actually a river of fire, which presages the Judgment by fire. “A fire goeth before Him, and burneth up His enemies round about Him.” – Psalm 97.

The smug, self-congratulatory intellectual, including the atheist and agnostic, is due for a rude awakening. The same goes for the high priests of hypocrisy, who preach “oneness” but practice division. Few of us are capable of navigating this tortuous river on our own. We are not capable of seeing through BOTH our religious and secular conditioning. We usually get trapped in one or the other. It is, intellectually speaking, like asking a fish to swim through the air, that is, above the surface of the waters; but that is exclusively our challenge.

If we can correlate Eridanus with the Milky Way, then we have another potential reference to December 21, 2012, the Mayan End Date, when the Sun will rise eclipsing the Galactic Center at the intersection of the Milky Way and the Solar System’s ecliptic, thus forming a Great Cross in the Sky. This fantastic symbolism would be utterly unbelievable if it were not for the consistency of this imagery from beginning to end.

Third Decan. Auriga: the Wagoner or Shepherd, carrying a she-goat and two kids

Auriga is a shepherd pictured holding a she-goat and two kids in his lap, protecting them from harm. In his right hand he holds a set of reins which show that he is also the driver of a team of horses or oxen. The she-goat and kids represent His flock rescued and regathered unto Himself. The reins signify corporeal power, as his government has taken hold on earth. Now, ask yourself a question here: Can the Jews, with all of their worldly wealth, power, and influence, possibly be conceived as being in need of rescue? All of Washington’s insiders know that Zionist money and Jewish lobbying organizations rule the world’s economies. The idea is absurd. When Jews cry “persecution,” it is like the little boy who cried “wolf.”

The twin boys are, in my opinion, the House of Israel and the House of Judah rejoined by Christ. Or they can be the familiar Ephraim and Manasseh that we previously encountered under Taurus, the Bull.

Constellation X. Gemini, the Twins

The current Zodiacal rendition shows two young male twins, but the Zodiac of Dendera shows a male and female walking hand in hand. These figures have been referred to as Adam and Eve. The prophetic significance would be that of the King and his Bride. The Coptic term for Gemini is Pi Mahi, which means “the united, the completely joined.” Gemini is thus the symbol of Jesus being married to the Bride of Christ. The Book of Revelation (19:9) tells us about the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, which comes after the Judgment Day. This is a time of great joy after great tribulation: a victory celebration! Some of the principal stars are Al Henah, meaning “the hurt, the wounded,” Pollux, “the ruler, the judge,” and Wasat, meaning “seated” or “put in place.”

Rev. 21:9-12: “And there came unto me one of the seven angels…saying, come hither, and I will show thee the lamb’s wife…And he…showed me a wall great and high and twelve gates…and names written thereon which are the names of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.”

Nowhere does the Bible say that the Bride of Christ is some “church.” And even if it did say that, that Congregation could only be made up of Israelites, for there is no place where the exclusive Covenants, which were made to Israel ONLY, are changed or annulled. Hence, the Promise of the Old Testament is fulfilled in the New, to the heirs of the Promise, the children of Israel, and to no one else. From beginning to end, the Bible is the story of the Adamic/Israelite people and their relationship to their God, Yahweh. Anyone who says otherwise is making up Jewish fables.

First Decan. Lepus, the Hare

Lepus symbolizes the enemy of Christ at the Second Coming. In older zodiacs, the image is of a serpent instead of a hare being trodden down under Orion’s foot. In the Egyptian language, the sign is called Bashti-Beki, meaning “the offender, the confounded.” Principal stars are Nibal, “the mad,” Rakis, “the caught,” andSugia, “the deceiver.” The Jews will be exposed for their congenital perverseness and rebellion, and for their hypocritical posturing as “God’s chosen people.” “For ye [Israelites] also have suffered like things of your own countrymen, even as they have of the Jews: Who both Killed the Lord Jesus Christ, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us.” (I Thes. 2:14-15.) Notice that Paul makes a clear distinction between his own countrymen and the evil Jews.

The Judgment Day will come on the heels of this exposure of the Jews and their Great Impersonation of Israel..

Second Decan. Canis Major: the Great Dog

Sirius, the Prince Coming, is the “Dog Star.” The philological derivation of the root, Sir, is both Egyptian and Hebrew. In Egyptian, Naz-Seir means “the sent prince.” Jesus was known as “the Nazarene” (Naz-Seir-ene). Dogs are known for their faithfulness. He will not let us down. Although we are totally helpless in our politico-religious subservience, something will happen (is happening) to wake us out of our debilitating trance.

Third Decan. Canis Minor, the Second Dog

Canis Minor is the companion of the larger Canis Major. The main star is Procyon. The Noetic meaning is “redemption.” The significance of both dogs is their faithfulness to their masters in Gemini. Since Gemini looks ahead to the time of Christ’s rule on earth, there will be many who faithfully follow him. Many earthlings will become disillusioned with materialism and their orthodox religion. A new faith will emerge. It will surprise everyone. The powers that be will resist it with all their might. The battle will be furious.

Victory is guaranteed for those who are the Faithful: “And there shall be no more curse; but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him: And they shall see his face; and his name shall be in their foreheads.” (Rev. 22:3-4) There is only one religion which is rendering faithful service to the Covenants and calls Him by His True Name, Yahweh. That religion is old Faith of Israell, having a brand new name, Christian Identity.

Constellation XI. Cancer, the Crab

The original sign may have been that of a beetle named Scarabaeus. The scarabaeus had a three-stage life cycle: burrowing beetle, chrysalis, moth. Seiss takes this symbolism to refer to the Church which began underground in persecution, hibernates in its cocoon, and then finally emerges into flight (or light!). It can also be seen as the Early Patriarchal Church of Israelites and Judahites, then followed by the Grace period of 2,000 years, and then by the harvest at the Judgment Day. This latter event will open up a whole new world of possibilities and experience, but only for those who can break through the matrix of Deception. The Crab itself symbolizes the “taking hold of the Gospel” with its claws and never letting it go again. In the center of Cancer is the asterism Praesepe. This star cluster has the meaning of “the multitude, offspring, the innumerable seed.”

Here, the racial Covenant is once again verified for us. The promises made to Abraham and Sarah that they would be the literal parents of an innumerable multitude of offspring is confirmed.

Yahweh said to Abraham: “As for me, behold my covenant is with thee, and thou shalt be a father of many nations…And I will make thee exceeding fruitful and I will make nations of thee and kings shall come out of thee. [None but Anglo-Saxon Israel has ever even come close to fulfilling this prophecy, as we are the ONLY people in history who have had a multiplicity of nations having kings and queens.] And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy SEED after thee in their generations [descendants] for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy SEED after thee…Thou shalt keep my covenant therefore, thou, and thy SEED after thee in their generations [descendants].” (Gen. 17: 4-9.)

Christian Israel, the Hebrew word for “seed” is zerah, meaning “offspring.” It has no other meaning, so it cannot mean “church.” It is a racial and moral Covenant, not a spiritual covenant. It is our genetic inheritance. The Book known as the Bible is the Book of Adam and his descendants. It is the record of Yahweh’s Will and Testament to His People, Israel. It was not and is not intended for any other people. Just as a human testator leaves an inheritance exclusively for HIS OWN FAMILY – and not for everybody else in the world — the Bible is OUR INHERITANCE, because only Anglo-Saxon Israel is His genetic family. This is why communism, as created and promoted by the Jews, has always sought to abolish the right of family inheritance.

With regard to Sarah, Yahweh has this to say: “And I will bless her and give thee a son of her: yea, I will bless her, and she shall be a mother of nations; kings of people shall be of her.” (Gen. 17:16.) Her son’s name was Isaac. Genesis 21:12 gives us this prophecy, which can only have been fulfilled by the Anglo-Saxons: “In Isaac shall thy seed be called.” Are the Jews known by the name of Isaac?

Out of which race of people have the world’s most famous kings and queens come? Certainly not from the Jews. There is only one correct answer: Anglo-Saxon Israel.


First Decan. Ursa Minor: the Lesser Bear

Ursa Minor is depicted as a bear with a long tail. Since bears do not have such tails, the depiction is probably a late invention, or it could be a depiction of an extinct bear-like creature. The original pictograph was one of a cluster of domestic animals whose name was Dubah or Dob, which means “a fold,” as in sheepfold. Seiss believes that this twenty-four star sign may be the “four and twenty elders” of Revelation. This would be a combination of the Twelve Patriarchs of Israel and the Twelve Apostles.

Second Decan. Ursa Major: the Great Bear

The same is true of the depiction of Ursa Major. The original representation was of the Greater Sheepfold, guarded by Arcturus. The Arabic name is Al Naish, meaning “the ordered or assembled together.” Some of the star names are Mizar, meaning “guarded or enclosed place,” Dubheh, “herd, fold,” Cab’d al Asad, multitude of the assembled,” El Acola, “the sheepfold,” and Aish, a star-cluster, meaning “community.”

Isa. 40:10-11 says, “Behold, Yahweh Elohim will come with strong hand, and his arm shall rule for him…He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young.” The “young” are those who are renewed by the Christian Identity message. WE are that remnant.

Yahshua Messiah told His Apostles: “Go not into the way of the [non-Israelite] nations, and into any city of the Samaritans [who were a mongrelized people] enter ye not: but go rather to the lost sheep of the House of Israel [the Israelites of the Dispersion]. (Matt. 10:6) If the Apostles are Ursa Minor, then the Lost Sheep of the greater sheepfold is Ursa Major. Now, to whom do you think the Apostles actually went? To the non-Israelite heathen? Don’t be silly! If you keep listening to poison of the Judeo-Christian priesthood, you will never understand Scripture.

Are you still with me, or is this comparison of the Prophetic Mazzaroth with Scripture still too far-fetched?

Third Decan. Argo: the Ship

Argo is the ship which carried Jason and the Argonauts. Their mission was to retrieve the Golden Fleece. In this, they were successful, but they had to endure many trials. This story is very reminiscent of the historical Joshua and the Israelites. Also, the story of their trials and tribulations is an allegory for the trials and tribulations of Christianity down through the centuries. Argo, the Ship, is their protection from the terrors of the deep. The Ship is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, independent of any church establishment. It is the comprehension of the message of service and compassion, individually and collectively. The true Christian is the one who practices compassion in spite of the world he lives in. “My Kingdom is not of this world.” This takes bravery and self-sacrifice, the kind that the Founding Fathers of this nation displayed when throwing off the yoke of King George III and the Bank of England.

Constellation XII. Leo, the Lion

With all of the Messianic symbolism which has preceded this sign, the meaning of Leo should be self-evident. Leo is the Messiah victorious. Rev. 5:5 tells us, “Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.” This victorious lion destroys Satan and his followers on earth. Like King David before him, Jesus now reigns as a powerful monarch, ready to build his empire. His time of self-sacrifice is over; and now he enjoys the fruits of his victory.

This victory is the subject of numerous Bible prophecies. Zephaniah 3:8 declares: “Wait ye upon me, saith the Lord, until the day that I rise up to the prey: for my determination is to gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them my indignation, even all my fierce anger: for all the earth shall be devoured with the fire of my jealousy.”

Unlike days past when fire and brimstone sermons lit up the pulpits of Christian churches, today’s lukewarm brand of “God loves everybody” Churchianity hardly thinks twice about God’s Day of Wrath. They have abandoned the God of Judgment. “I refuse to believe in that God. He is too cruel.” They are like the foolish opponents of the death penalty, who believe that all miscreants are capable of redemption. All sinners want to be pardoned, don’t they? The Bible and reality have taught us a very bitter lesson: The unrepentant must be punished. The Evil Ones consider acts of kindness to be signs of weakness. Thus, they hold their benefactors in contempt. The Bible tells us that this “wicked generation” will not consent to be converted!!! And Jesus refused to even try to convert them. If you don’t believe me, read Matt. 13:10-15.

Not realizing that we are dealing with the spirit of Lucifer, deluded Christians try in vain to appease this Beast. The Beast cannot be converted. It has been cast down to earth for judgment. (2 Peter 2:4.) It must be vanquished. Satan cannot be allowed to coexist with Yahweh. His time is up. When cornered, the unrepentant Evil Genius bitterly complains that he is a poor, misunderstood victim of circumstance. Crocodile tears pour from his eyes, and he cries, “Oy vey! Oy vey! Woe is me! Woe is me! Have pity upon me.” The Christian Humanist – ever the gullible doormat – falls for this emotional gambit every time. He gives the Evil Genius a lollipop and sends him on his way.

Having secured his freedom once again, the Evil Genius says to himself, laughing, “Whew! I was afraid he wouldn’t fall for that trick again! Stupid goyim!” The Christian Humanist, unable to conceive of Evil so foreign to his nature that he refuses to believe in unrepentant spirits, believes the empty promises again and again. So, instead of moral stalwart, the Christian becomes an Enabler. Invariably, the Enabler becomes the Victim of his own inability to see Evil for what it really is: Perpetual Rebellion.

When the child molester or murderer is let out of prison, how often does he victimize more people? The penalty must fit the crime. “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.” These spirits cannot fool Yahweh. And they cannot fool Christian Israel. We know who they are; and they are not going to get away with their lies and treachery any longer. The jig is up. The Judgment Day is here. Those who have agitated against God’s Law will be judged for their refusal to obey. We are to be merciful to each other, according to the Sermon on the Mount, but who are we to tell Yahweh that His Judgment is too severe? The Bible, not our humanistic sensitivities, must be our guide.

Those who refuse to repent have shown no desire to treat others fairly; and Yahweh has stated in every book of the Bible that these law-breakers deserve death. Is the Kingdom of God going to be populated by unrepentant child molesters, rapists and murderers? Would that be heaven, or would it be more like the Status Quo? Ignoring the teachings of the Bible, which says hundreds of times that this Day is surely coming, modern Churchianity plays the ostrich, sticking its head in the sand, exposing its posterior. If the Bible is to be believed, we are surely going to get a good, swift kick! Churchianity is going to get a very rude awakening; and this will be happening very soon.

First Decan. Hydra, the Fleeing Serpent

Hydra, the serpent whose body stretches across one third of the heavens, represents Lucifer, the archangel of materialism, who rebelled with one third of the heavenly host. Hydra is shown fleeing from God’s wrath. The rebellious ones will get their just desserts.

The Egyptian Knem means “vanquished, conquered,” Hydra itself mean “the abhorred.” Principal star names are Al Phard, meaning “put out of the way,” Minchir al Sugia, “the punishing of the deceiver.”

I cannot wait to see the day!!!!

Second Decan. Crater: the Cup of Wrath

By now, the biblical symbolism is becoming familiar. God’s cup of wrath floweth over. This is justice on a cosmic scale. Satan’s time is up. Judgment has arrived. You are either with God or against Him. For each of us, His question at the Judgment day will be: “What have you done for the Kingdom? Have you obeyed my commandments or have you indulged your own pleasures? Have you foolishly indulged your own, vain notions of humanistic egalitarianism, or worse yet, have you sold your soul to the devil?” Have you become a traitor to your own people, Israel?

Third Decan. Cervus, the Raven

The final insult to the Serpent is for his body to be eaten by a scavenger bird. Cervus performs this function, thus cleaning up the cosmic dross left over from the final conflict. Ancient star names are Her-na, meaning “the enemy broken,” Al Chibah, “the curse inflicted,” and Minchir al Gorab, “the raven tearing to pieces.”

This imagery is also confirmed by the Book of Revelation: “And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God; That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men…” (Chapter 20: 17 and 18)

This imagery does not conform to the prevailing notion in “feel-good” Christianity that God will forgive us all of our sins. In fact, the old-fashioned “fire and brimstone” religion is completely confirmed by the Prophetic Mazzaroth. Hell and damnation await those who will not repent. This is what the Zodiac and the Bible actually teach. It’s not the Bible that has changed. It’s the priests who have changed their “traditions of men” to suit their denominational ambitions.



Aquila – Zeus Eagle

Mythology of the constellation Aquila
Aquila, the pet eagle of Zeus, showed the gentler side of his nature when he carefully carried up Ganymede to Mount Olympus to be cup-bearer to his master. However, when considering the myth surrounding Prometheus, the ferocious, darker side of Aquila is very evident. Prometheus was one of the last Titan gods who became an advisor to Zeus. He was protective of humankind and, seeing how they suffered because they had no fire, he stole a ray from the Sun which he smuggled down to earth in a hollow stem. Zeus did not believe that man was worthy of such a gift, and was furious that Prometheus had acted without his permission. The well-meaning Titan was chained to the side of a mountain, stripped of his garments, and was continually attacked by Aquila. Since he was immortal, his dreadful wounds healed themselves every evening, only to be opened up again the next day by Aquila. After many years Prometheus was saved by Hercules who agreed with his kind deed to mankind. Using his bow and arrow, he killed Aquila, who was then placed by Zeus to soar in the heavens.

Lepus, the hare, rooster and the easter bunny

Lepus, the Hare, was know as a rabbit chased by orions hunting dogs.

In older days it had the denomination of “the throne of  Jawzā”

Jawzā means “the central one” and was the older name for gemini. At some stage Orion became Jawzā.

Four stars of this constellation (α, β, γ, δ Lep) form a quadrilateral and are known as ‘Arsh al-Jawzā’, “the Throne of Jawzā'” or Kursiyy al-Jawzā’ al-Mu’akhkhar, “the Hindmost Chair of Jawzā'” and al-Nihāl, “the Camels Quenching Their Thirst” in Arabic.

Ultimately from an alteration of the Arabic يد الجوزا yad al-jawzā ‘hand of the central one’, from يد(hand) + جوزا(central one).

Jawzā, ‘the central one’, initially referred to Gemini among the Arabs, but at some point they decided to refer to Orion by that name. During the Middle Ages the first character of the name, yā’ (ي, with two dots under it), was misread as a bā’ (ب, with one dot under it) when transliterating into Latin, and Yad al-Jauza became Bedalgeuze. This was then misinterpreted during the Renaissance as deriving from a corruption of an original Arabic form إبط الجوزل ibt al-jawzā ‘armpit of the central one’.


This Hare constellation is the origin of the “easter bunny” The eggs fertility for spring.


It was also know as a “rooster” in babylonian times.

This is the “rooster” you see on churches:

Rooster (Lepus) The Rooster is the animal symbol belonging to the herald of the godswho appears in his human form in the adjacent figure known as the True Shepherd of Anu.

A Brief Guide to the Babylonian Constellations