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The writer Richard Cassaro ( / Written in stone) was right in identifying the rockefeller building with his cathedral triptych doors, as a direct influence from churches and other cultures and its clear masonic influence and meaning as he apparently pointed out in his book, “Written in stone”, (which to date I haven’t read although I suspect its a great book, making profound links and will be ordering it soon myself.)

From his webpage and his online collage images can be seen that he has made clear visual links between ancient pyramid cultures and modern Christianity and Freemasonry.

It were the freemasons who build the churches for the Christian church, clearly incorporating symbolism and older ancient knowledge in symbolic representations in those structures. That knowledge was astronomy.

In this modern age, the mega churches stadiums are nothing compared to the cathedrals of Europe and a diluted , bastardized version of “faith”.

Falsely represented fairy tales of what once was real knowledge of time and astronomy itself by priests (magi) who took this knowledge and sold the story of god(s) to the people for power and control and deceived mankind as such.  God(s) in the sky are just constellations and planets.

Today this crookery is seen in the materialistic wealth of the mega churches pastors, which is far from the story of the poor Jezus who gave itself for humanity. Abuse of donations for personal gain and not understanding the true symbolism thrive in the catholic church today, as it where the stone masons who had this knowledge and encoded it in medieval buildings. Architects of today are not schooled in these principals and we see very little buildings today encoding such esoteric knowledge.

The cross layout of the churches is astronomy representing the ecliptic path of the sun and its symbolical death every winter and its resurrection in easter.

When making the Rockefeller connection to this ancient symbolism, I think Richard overlooked the top of the Rockefeller building where his so called “god self icon” or “staf god”  as outlined in his second eBook “The missing link” is also visible. I don’t find it a “realised god self icon” as he explains it, but clearly say its the constellation Ophiucius that is depicted as god in all cultures with orion being the sun of god. Its zeus and hercules and Jaweh and Adam respectively.

The importance of Prometheus at the bottom and the staf deity at the top is significant as to me this is related to Orion and Ophiucius. Adam(Hercules) and God(Zeus) respectively

His theory, is that he links this “staff god” to the Yoga nadis and kundalini third eye awakening.  I suspect a different meaning of symbolism (as above as below, the micro and macro cosmos) as seen also in the Jewish Kaballa, this has a clear astronomical and time/seasons meaning to it. (the Menora in Solomons temple is the tree of life..)

The Rockefeller skyscraper is “the modern pyramid”, a representation of the milkyway. Its the big obelisk, the pillar of heaven. That is the symbolism of this particular tower. The  middle pillar that intersects the zodiac circle, as also seen in Hindu mythology, churning of the milky ocean (the milkyway) which is then the basis for the swastika, the revolving skies. Notice the god on top?

The priest on top of the temple changed for the rich and the executives of the world in their penthouses controlling the world. Yet a lot of esoteric knowledge has been lost or only known to few.

It is no coincidence that Prometheus is seen in front of the Rockefeller building with a band of constellations. Prometheus, the torch bearer (see later video) is the later Hercules with his club, but also Osiris, the green man, the maize god and many others. He is the constellation of Orion, the 3 (!)belt stars. Why? Because he was the spring constellation back in the day together with Taurus, while LEO and virgo ruled mid summer.

In our age, Taurus rules mid summer and aquarius is present in spring, in the northern hemisphere that is, it was Ophiucius who rules spring in the southern hemisphere. Ophiucius used to carry two snakes, caleb and kaput. Snakes, or lightning bolts are exchangable as lightning are snakes in the sky. The  worldwide seen “staff deity” is the stormgod, god of thunder, known under many names. The constellation Ophiucius.

Ophiucus is 180 degree of Orion. Just like Prometheus is seen here on the opposite side of the building. (up down).

To me ophiucius is this is the origin of the “staf god” or god of thunder or solar deity.

Its the same figure as Samson in the bible who “pulled down the pillars of the temple” just symbolic for the changing of the constellations in the sky.

Below we see how the same symbolism was used her on election of the new pope. The triptych chairs, the god and the tree with its branches. The tree is the tree of life, a representation of the unfolding universe itself.

Pope Francis I is flanked by cardinals and Swiss Guards as he sits under a wooden sculpture in the Paul VI general audience hall during an audience for members of the media, at the Vatican March 16, 2013. REUTERS/Paul Hanna (VATICAN – Tags: RELIGION)

The masonic lodge as a miniature “solomons temple” is really to be seen from the top as a circle. Hence the circumambulate of the lodge.

Image result for freemason chair

A classic lodge, two pillars, 3 chairs. This specific symbolism of meaningfull lodge layout is dwindling, just like now any building is used as a “church” (and missing the cross layout, the triptych and two towers as Boaz and Jachin pillars)  and if not for this book, being lost in time. Not any place can be a church or lodge. Clear symbolism and rules for its construction needs to be adhered to to convey and carry on the message.

There was a reason for the specific church and lodge layouts and Leonardo da vinci’s composition of the last supper, in my opinion this was because of astronomy.

I even dare to say that like the church, not many modern masons know why they do the 33 degrees, (the sun has a 33 year solar cycle.) or why they circumbate the lodge. They merely focus on executing the rituals whilst its meaning have been lost in time. One see an erosion of knowledge happening to the true meaning of cross layout churches. and the specific layout of lodges and such temples and its origins in the astronomical meanings of such buildings.

11 apostels and Maria. (because she is the only virgo/female in our zodiac) The original EVE while Adam was Orion. The tree of life in the garden of eden is related to the cosmological world tree.

Them “eating from the tree” deceived by the snake hydra, caused the skies to move in the seasons and show less stars (a certain section of the sky has less stars whilst turning) This was then related to the winter season and “god” banishing them from the lush green of spring and summer.

The 4 main apostels and their animals are the specific 4 corners of the zodiac. (the eagle is scorpio/aquila, the eagle of Zeus, the staff stormgod ophiucius carrying its two thunderbolts, or as in the old days two snakes, caleb and kaput)

As a bottom (or top) of the constellation circle, orion on the other side, he is realy “carrying” or just the two sides of the zodiac (milky way) as represented by the two snakes crawling down from pyramids as well.

Its note worthy that in ancient days, the universe was “the great mother” before it became “god our father”. Hence we see the minoan snake godess as the universe. Note the bar breast as isis. The change of society from matriarchal to patriarchal dominated created a shift in the naming the universe or god male from an earlier female universal womb.

She was the virgin and the gorgon who “gave birth” to life and creation without conception.

But she was also the gorgon, the monster (with the snake hair) who takes life when creation dies of.

So people went to church, to the cross for the holy union between man and women and to celebrate new life and mourn the death.

Was the staff gods or main god, merely a far simpeler less deep meaning and a relation to the stormy season and the constellation ophiucius, his eagle next to him aquila, revered as the god of rains (chaac), the return of the fertility of the land.

All these storm gods symbolic battled serpents, Hydra or Draco. So the storm god with his two lightning bolts serpents battling the monster later became Ophucius battling one serpent in the sky, just like the myths.

So many cultures had a storm god as their main god (Indra, Marduk, Zeus, Thor, Viracocha etc) as outlined in my Makara paper that that has an astronomical reference. I propose this was Ophiucius as God, Viracocha, Zeus and many other names. Hercules, the 180 degree opposite constellation was “his son”








Ba`al and Yam (Caanite)

Krishna overcomes Kaliya (indian)

Indra vs Vitra (Indian)

Vishnu vs Ananta-Shesha (indian)





Tarhunt and the dragon Illuyanka (hittite)

Apep vs Ra (Egypt)





Horus (hero)  vs sobek  (Egypt) (Horus under the form of a horseman piercing a croco-
dile with his spear, louvre museum)





Zeus vs Typhon (Greek)





Thor vs Jörmungandr’s (Nors)

Marduk or Bel vs Tiamat (Sumerian)





Hadad vs Têmtum (Syria)

Lôtān vs Baʿal  (Canaanite)

St. Michael and the Dragon







Levithian vs Jaweh (Hebrew)








Hydra vs Hercules (Greek)





Dragon vs St. George (Europe, this particularly in st. mark square, Venice)






Imdugud vs Ninurta  (Sumeria)

Balaur vs Făt-Frumos (Romanian)


The Nazi’s, highly occultly schooled, took the symbol of the eagle (Horus), the swastika (revolving universe) and the double lightning bolt (zeus storm bolts) for their SS.

These lightning bolts weapons turned into the Dorjes of eastern Buddhism.  Any subsequent god was  a lightning god holding thunderbolts. Its a constellation and the basis of the worldly “staff diety”

There is no difference to all these named hero’s and gods they all are the same constellation Ophiucius. All cultures has exactly the same depiction of their sungod worldwide as the basis was astronomy.

Under Ophiucus we see Scorpio

That is what is under Viracocha, a scorpion frontal view with 6 legs and two clippers

It was the scorpion who bit the solar deity. (Mithras bull bals/fertility) and Orion and it was also Judas that betrayed Jezus.(Orion)


Quote wikipedia: ” In Greek mythology, the myths associated with Scorpio almost invariably also contain a reference to Orion. According to one of these myths it is written that Orion boasted to goddess Artemis and her mother, Leto, that he would kill every animal on the Earth. Although Artemis was known to be a hunter herself she offered protection to all creatures. Artemis and her mother Leto sent a scorpion to deal with Orion. The pair battled and the scorpion killed Orion. However, the contest was apparently a lively one that caught the attention of the king of the gods Zeus, who later raised the scorpion to heaven and afterwards, at the request of Artemis, did the same for Orion to serve as a reminder for mortals to curb their excessive pride. There is also a version that Orion was better than the goddess Artemis but said that Artemis was better than he and so Artemis took a liking to Orion. The god Apollo, Artemis’s twin brother, grew angry and sent a scorpion to attack Orion. After Orion was killed, Artemis asked Zeus to put Orion up in the sky. So every winter Orion hunts in the sky, but every summer he flees as the constellation of the scorpion comes.”

Now this story relates directly to mithras. Wasn’t it the scorpion who attacked the bulls testikles. Yes, mithras is orion. The dog can is major and the snake hydra in the Bull killing scene.

Colours are very important here again. Mithras is red. (like Adam is red in hebrew) while blue was for God (see its Cape is sky with stars) (And purple for man/God jezus) this relates to seasons. Red blue. How holy Jesus was depicted in medieval art. It is clearly mentioned, further explained in this article later.

It also relates to Hercules and the cretan bull story as hercules is orion.



The 7 headed snake later turned into a dragon/leo composite animals purely because leo is above Hydra.

Jaweh battled the serpent, the later devil.

As outlined in my Makara research paper, the symbolism of Horus-Sobek as opposites in the zodiac, transformed into the St. george and the dragon stories.

One of the two pillars (!)  carrying St. George,entering  Piazza San Marco in venice.

For that symbolism I would refer you to my Makara research:

Hercules/orion/prometheus was the model of the torchbearer the collusus of rhodes. The torchbearer gets explained here:

The olympics, the torch bearer, the kurds celebrating newros, all comes from this. Even the collosus of rhodes and statue of liberty is related although the statue of liberty might be Virgo with her weatstalk touching the ecliptic becoming a torch.

The light and darkness, the sun and the moon and the central equilibrium or sunrise and dawn, which in our seasons is spring and autumn, and equal division of the day in light and darkness. Balance. In modern culture movies like starwars, the balance of “the force”. The ying and yang in other cultures.

Yet what is the real teaching is that man IS god and not seperated from it. We are not separate from the universe, yet a part of it as creator and created in 1.

No man better than any other yet all part of creation/preservation/destruction itself. The 3 yunas, of 3 representations of gods in Hinduism.

The sun king or ruler as representation of god himself on earth.

Image result for kabbalah man

This particular symbolism is very old indeed and goes back all the way to ancient Egypt from where it transvered the world in the form of the world tree or tree of life, equating creation and fertility of the lands with a tree and its fruits. The Milkyway with its stars as fruits and the polestar in top as highest most northern point of direction in the sky.

The Christmas tree.

The christmass tree is a direct link to the tree of life, a representation of the milkyway, with the polestar on top, but, also has links to kabalistic meanings and the chakras in other cultures. Enlightenment to be obtained via specific Yogic practices.

Image result for kabbalah man


Image result for kabbalah man

Thus time is the revolving sky of consteallations and the ever changing and continuous cycle of Birth and Death of nature and the universe around us.

The concept of time and god is identified as the universal force that keeps recreating itself and also “eats its own children” depicted as a monster in mayan art, hindu temples, a dragon that devours its own tail, kronos that east its own children(creation) time itself.

This astronomy was captured in temple buildings and later masonic halls, where the master of the lodge occupied the central chair. (or central door) the door of the sun itself on equinox.  Mason circumbating the lodge, as the sun themselves through the seasons. The blazing star the polestar.

It has allways been a duality of opposites. The constellation ophiucius, which in ancient days held two snakes, just like viracocha and the constellation of orion, the 3 belt stars, which symbolized the spring equinox. Hercules with his club is promotheus with his torch as the sun passes on its tip on the ecliptic making it a torch, stealing “the light/fire” from the gods.

The pillars of freemasonry, the church towers, are a direct link to the temple architecture of ancient and later Egypt, for example seen in the temple of dendur in the metropolitan museum of art in New York. The two obelisks where the later Boaz and Jachin pillars or the two church towers. Both Ophiucius or Virachocha which held initialy two snakes before it became one in astronomy and which is “the staff deity” seen across the world.”He who battles the serpent”

And ofcourse the later cathedrals.

On some cathedals and churches, one can clearly see the massive rosette  window in the middle.

Here a difference is made in the towers, a male female force, moon, sun tower. In freemasonry it holds the arch of heaven with its constellations.

The zodiac arch on top and also the cross with the 4 corners of the zodiac is clear. Its the 4 evangelist on the zodiac cross. Bull, lion, eagle and man, the original tetramorph ( that to this day still graces the dome of the vatican in perfect cross form.

The fact that marriage, birth and death was “celebrated” in church, is a further confirmation of it being a symbol of life and the universe itself. Jezus path passed the 12 apostels is a direct link to the path of the sun in the sky through the year. The purple robe at easter is a direct relations to a triptych in color.

As seen all over medieval art, the blue and the red, winter and summer, god and adam and jezus in the middle as man and god in 1.

“The triptych doors/symbolism or temple towers are directly related to the path of the sun, left small door being winter solstice, middle doors autumn and spring equinox and right door winter solstice. Hence during spring equinox the middle tower or middle way of the temple or tip of the middle tower was illuminated by the sun. That is also why you see Viracocha on the gate of the sun in Tiahuanaco and on top of the Rockefeller building, as that is the constellation equated with god in ancient times due to its position at the time at solstice.  – Stijn van den Hoven / November 2017”

So the church rebuild the astronomical religion of the ancient cultures, like Egypt and Mythraism and moulded that astronomical knowledge into a new “religion” called Christianity.

That was direct plagiarism of older concepts and allegories, they just changed the figures names. The Christian church from Isis and Horus. (Josef/Maria-Jezus = Osiris/Isis-Horus). In ancient days the great mother was worshipped, the universe. The sun is “her son”

Horus the hawk god. Isis side of the pillars, Osiris the other, child,  The holy trinity.

Image result for isis horus

The rosette (rose)

Of isis or seen on sumerian wrist, the fertility of the land or the great mother.

Rose window

The rose window with the 12 apostels or 12 constellations.

The path of the sun is the ecliptic. That is represented by the horizontal cross bar of the church. Jezus, the sun, dies every year and gets resurected, after being put “into a cave”, The area below the horizon, also known as the sea. Hence half of the zodiac are water constellations and at the edges you see the crab who lives in see and land.

So, the basis of the christian church is a solar religion, where time itself, the universe or creation itself is worshipped in an allegorical matter taken from many ancient cultures before them.

Thats why the Mayas thought their gods returned as they carried the same “cross” symbolism as seen in the temple of the cross in palenque. Yet their knowledge came from the west, not the east as seen in the makkara symbolism highlighted in my other research.

Isis breast, her nipple in a rose, the “lady of the rose” Sounds familiar?

Look closeley on the rockefeller buildings top and also there we find this symbol of the “fertility rose” related to the sun itself on equinoxes.


Now these towers and the old symbolism of the two mountains wih the sun in the middle is very old and is in my opinion related to this below.


Why? This becomes clear in this video. Its related to time itself and the annual path of the sun. (who dies every year on the cross of the ecliptic)

Not only was this the basis for Egyptian temples, christian churches etc. etc. but also for hindu temples where this similar astronomy is clearly depicted. This is the basis for the triptych doors and the god in the middle door symbolism wether its buddha, the sun god viracocha, jesus or other.

We not only see this in egypt but also in Cambodia. (note the 3 tower symbolism like the 3 doors)

And in Mayan cities:

Quote: The Temple of the Sun at Dzibilchaltun in Yucatan, Mexico. The sun has risen on the spring equinox. On this day the Temple of the Sun frames exactly the rising sun.Source: (Image Credit: Jim Spadaccini, Ideum) 


The triptych and the sungod as such can be seen all the way back in gate of the sun in Tiahuanaco in Viracocha and at the back the 3 doors symbolism. Note also the indentations forming together a triangle.

This further becomes clear at the rear where the tryptich symbolism is clearly visible. This is exactly the same symbolism we find back in the rockefeller building but also in masonic lodges with the 3 chairs and the two pillars on the opposite side.

In a later version in Leonardo da vinci’s painting.

6 apostels on the left side, 6 on the right side (12 constellations and the central universe with the sun (solar) in front wearing the red and the blue garment. (colour symbolism as seen in many flags of US, russiam, netherlands, france etc etc)

There is no difference to the gate of the sun and this painting. Note again the colours of his garment. Red and Blue.

So one can see this astronomical “religion” has travelled the world under different names. The hindu temples of the east are no different to the European cathedrals, Egyptian temples or the Jewish temple of king solomon in symbolism and meaning. The Menora in king solomons temple is actually a stylized representation of the tree of life.

The message and concept of god, the universe as creator, preserver and destroyer just expressed in a different way and if by that, we are all talking about the same, creation itself, why should one fight one other to make their religion the main religion?

One should perhaps strive to unify these beliefs into a new “religion” and educate the world on the origins and true meanings of these cultural expressions of pyramids, temples and churches, as all of these are based on this knowledge of astronomy and time itself yet sold to the people in vague veiled stories only to be understood by a select few at this stage. Perhaps this article I wrote gave you some insight into this hidden knowledge.

Stijn van den Hoven

November 2017


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