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World pillars, world turtle and pyramid temples

This is a small article explaining indian temple / pyramid architecture.

9 grid. 9 planets. 9 dots, revolving in a swastika.

Our sun in the centre, 9 planets revolving around it

Its our milkyway, allways rotating.. Hindu churning of the milky ocean..

Mount Meru, Mount olympus with the planets as gods.

The turtle and the mountain or the turtle and the pillar. 4 legs 4 directions, 4 pillars in vatican altar, 4 main evengalist, corners of the zodiac.


if you look at that from the top down. you will see a turtle with a circle on its back.

Quote: “Experts found (see this PDF: 0910.0128v1 )that the hole allows a single shaft of sunlight to illuminate the interior during the March and September equinox as well as on April 21 – the date Rome is said to have been founded. He explained that during the darker winter months the beam illuminates only the vaulted dome. However, at noon on the equinoxes it reaches the floor and on April 21 the beam fully illuminates the entrance at midday. The emperor would have been bathed by the sun’s rays as he entered the building on these auspicious occasions. Professor Giulio Magli, from the Polytechnic of Milan, said:’The role of the Pantheon is poorly understood and it’s function still remains uncertain, although we believe the sun has a significant role in the building. ‘We have drawn our conclusions by studying other Roman monuments in the city including the Domus Aurea or as it is also known the Emperor Nero’s Golden Palace which also had a similar domed roof. ‘The sun and time were both linked architecturally in the ancient Roman period and they were used as a form of cosmological signpost for them. By bathing the Emperor in sunlight this would have a dramatic effect on him and raise him to the status of a god.’

The dome is the turtles back or the mountain on back of the turtle and 4 corners of the zodiac. The gods inside the constellations. A time machine.

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It was said the bronze roofplates / statues from the Pantheon where  melted to create the altar in the Vatican and canons for the castle, how fitting as both related to time itself.

The only passages referring to the decoration of the Agrippan Pantheon written by an eyewitness are in Pliny’s Natural History. From him we know that “the capitals, too, of the pillars, which were placed by M. Agrippa in the Pantheon, are made of Syracusan bronze”,[23] that “the Pantheon of Agrippa has been decorated by Diogenes of Athens, and the Caryatides, by him, which form the columns of that temple, are looked upon as masterpieces of excellence: the same, too, with the statues that are placed upon the roof,”[24] and that one of Cleopatra’s pearls was cut in half so that each half “might serve as pendants for the ears of Venus, in the Pantheon at Rome”.

Pope Urban VIII (1623 to 1644) ordered the bronze ceiling of the Pantheon’s portico melted down. Most of the bronze was used to make bombards for the fortification of Castel Sant’Angelo, with the remaining amount used by the Apostolic Camera for various other works. It is also said that the bronze was used by Bernini in creating his famous baldachin above the high altar of St. Peter’s Basilica, but, according to at least one expert, the Pope’s accounts state that about 90% of the bronze was used for the cannon, and that the bronze for the baldachin came from Venice.[40]


Note the circle, indicating the pillar or oculus. The churning skies.


Sum 15 in all directions. x 24 chinese solar calender = 360

15×9= 216 = Mathematical cube 6x6x6

If one was to build a building as a temple it should have fibonacci and pi math in all its construction, as that is the divine mathematical language of nature. It then should contain time, precession, constellations, lunar mansions and solar houses, polestars and the wobble of the earth into consideration and have polestars calculated far in advance to encode time itself. It also should show the sun through certain windows highlighting the equinoxes and solstices so it would operate as a giant clock. That is what I think stonehenge once was on a smaller scale.




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