Drone Specs

Frame (A friday FPV frame ofcourse, love local)

– TMotor F40 pros

– Betaflight F3 Flight controller with built in PDB and OSD (what more do you need).
– XSR receiver
– Who needs raceflight?! (Answer: no one if you have a Betaflight F3)
– also get Matek rubber damper standoffs from Flying Robot, soft mount your FC with it, works great.
– Foxeer Monster V2, best FPV cam, comes in a aluminium anodised case (runcam split also of interest http://shop.runcam.com/runcam-split/)
– Dinogy batteries / thunderpower /Tattu R-Line, whatever you can get your hands on in that order.
– taranis if you can, QX7 is second best option.




Interesting all in one option:

**Coming Soon** Kamikaze EXTREME All in 1 50a

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