Disclaimer:  This is a personal page for private use as an alternative to Facebook, where I have more control over my posts to aid in studying and archive things I find on the web that interest me, opposed to a linear time line where post disappear and are hard to find when you want to revisit them. There is no commercial intend to this web page nor does it contain any ads.

It contains everything I like/study and is used a digital scrapbook for my own future reference to re visit content at a later time. Some of the content you find here comes straight from the web. Some texts, articles and photos are mirrored from their original source so I do not loose them if the original source seizes to exist as the site shuts down.

If the article is not my own, I always mention the source URL and/or author, to give credit with full links to the original creator and where it was found and I will not plagiarize your content as being my own.  If you want me to remove your mirrored content explicitly because of your copyright or you don’t want to share outside of original source, please contact me and I will remove it immediately.