Disclaimer:  This is a personal page for private use as an alternative to Facebook, where I have more control over my posts to aid in studying and archive things I find on the web that interest me, opposed to a linear time line where post disappear and are hard to find when you want to revisit them.

It contains everything I like and is used a digital scrapbook for my own future reference. Some of the content you find here comes straight from the web. Some texts, articles and photos are copied so I dont loose them if the original source seizes to exist.

If you want me to remove it because of your copyright, please ask me and I will do so. I try to always mention source to give credit with a link to the original creator and where it was found. There is no commercial intend to this web page.


Image: Begram / Afghanistan (Alexandria) Seraphis @ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guimet_Museum